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Megan Anderson’s title shot against Amanda Nunes at UFC 259 in March 2021 did not go well. Of course, no really expected anything otherwise, as Anderson was a massive underdog for a reason. Still, Amanda Nunes pretty effortlessly battered and submitted Anderson in just about two minutes — a bad night at the office that cost her spot on the UFC roster.

Anderson prepared with Glory MMA for “The Lioness.” Ran by retired UFC fighter and controversial gambler, James Krause, Glory has become something of a midwestern hotspot for UFC fighters. The team has risen to prominence relatively recently, and on the whole, Krause has proven himself as a coach and cornerman.

Anderson, however, is not impressed. In a since deleted comment, she blasted her preparation at Glory MMA, alleging that she was only given a single 30 minute personal mitts session per week. Otherwise, she was solely in charge of figuring out how sparring rounds and game plan. Conversely, she believes that Brandon Moreno — who recently started working with Glory MMA — receives far different treatment for his own title fight preparation.

#MMATwitter Megan Anderson talking about the level of training she got under James Krause for her tittle fight vs Amanda Nunes

Moreno fans better hope James always considers him a cash cow because it’s unacceptable how he treats regular fighters

Maybe he bet on Amanda #UFC259 pic.twitter.com/bihv71BmIU

— Fire MMA Tweets ⚒️ (@NewTitoAgain) November 10, 2022

Jeff Molina, undefeated UFC Flyweight and Glory MMA athlete, quickly responded. Per Molina, Anderson was lazy and unmotivated. Worse still, he alleges she was drinking heavily during training camp and actively hurting less skilled training partners when outside of the view of team practices.

Pretty nasty stuff from “El Jefe.”

Anderson has yet to respond to Molina’s claims. However, there’s another messier layer to the controversy too. MMA Twitter widely alleges that Krause, who is married, and Anderson’s relationship previously went beyond that of coach and pupil — which NEVER happens in MMA!

Anderson was responding to such a claim when she threw UFC commentator Laura Sanko under the boss, hinting at a possible affair between Sanko and Krause. At one point, Anderson and Sanko co-hosted a podcast together, but it ended abruptly back in 2019.

As you can likely imagine, Twitter is going wild with the various accusations and general drama. Krause has yet to respond online, but he’s facing enough heat at the moment that continued silence would likely be wise.

Stay tuned for any further updates.


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