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James Krause is in some serious hot water.

The last few years have largely gone well for the veteran. Outside of the occasional gutsy short-notice performance, Krause set himself up for success by building his camp, Glory MMA. As head coach, Krause elevated several fighters with middling records to the UFC level, developing a reputation as a technically sound coach and good corner.

Cracks emerged more recently. Krause made headlines for running a gambling advice service, the legality and morality of which quickly came under question. It wasn’t terribly long afterward that UFC fighters were banned from betting on themselves! Then, former title challenger Megan Anderson came out with allegations about Krause and Glory MMA’s legitimacy.

Then, the Darrick Minner vs. Shayilan Nuerdanbieke controversy began. Minner is a Krause-trained fighter, and suspicious betting surrounding the fight immediately raised eyebrows. Soon afterward, the dominoes started falling. Gambling on UFC fights started getting banned in Canadian provinces, NSAC opened an investigation into Krause, and now, all of Krause’s fighters who continue working with him are banned from fighting inside the Octagon.

Unarguably the most high-profile fighter on Krause’s roster is interim (and former undisputed) Flyweight champion Brandon Moreno. “The Assassin Baby” relocated to Glory MMA ahead of his bout vs. Kai Kara-France, and he’s currently midway through his training to face Deiveson Figueiredo for the fourth time.

At the moment, it’s unclear what Moreno will do or where he’ll complete his camp. However, Moreno did go on Instagram to support Krause, posting a picture of the two hugging alongside the caption, “Waiting for justice.”

Stay tuned for further updates to this scandal.


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