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“Let’s go, we won.”

As is often the case, Team Nate Diaz instigated a bit of chaos at a public event last weekend. The Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva boxing event was scene of the latest scuffle Diaz and his camp have started, and per usual, Diaz walked off claiming himself the victor.

New footage released by YouTuber Amacky of the conflict is can be seen above (H/T MMAJunkie). The footage shows much of the lead up and aftermath of the previously released footage, and more of the members of either camp are identifiable. The Diaz side includes recently released UFC fight Nick Maximov, fresh-off-a-win Chris Avila, and MMA prospect Luciano Ramos.

Of course, there’s also Nate Diaz himself, and all are trading insults with Paul’s crew. Meanwhile, Jake Paul himself was in the process of warming up for Anderson Silva, so he was not present.

After the initial confrontation, a large bodyguard from Paul’s camp gets beamed by a water bottle thrown by Diaz. As that body guard and another close the gap and are held back, a beer credited to Nick Maximov soaks over the pair. Diaz claims victory, Jake Paul calls him out after beating Anderson Silva, and he doesn’t even get arrested for his actions!

Is the whole affair genius strategy from Diaz to build up another high-profile payday or simply trashy behavior from the free agent?


Fun little reminder that Khabib is a savage.

Tatsuro Taira will attempt to continue his Flyweight rise in February.

Zhang Weili is the best athlete at 115 pounds, and I don’t think it’s particularly close.

I can’t believe that @zhangweilimma just picked me up like I wasn’t 293lbs

I didn’t want her to do it I was scared of her hurting her back and was trying to explain this to her….then found myself suddenly up in the air.

Her strength ratio is through the roof pic.twitter.com/smhsP9H91u

— Francis Ngannou (@francis_ngannou) November 3, 2022

Would you rather see Sean O’Malley vs. Henry Cejudo or Marlon Vera for a completely unnecessary — and thus very possible — interim belt?

A nice highlight demonstrating a cool little detail in Arnold Allen’s defense.

Arnold Allen’s little elbow flare on his high guard is unique for MMA strikers and it did a good job helping to shut down Kattar’s typically potent jab. pic.twitter.com/nhwUn30XlY

— LAMO (@myopinionisseen) November 3, 2022

Combine that with active hand fighting, well timed parries, proactive and reactive head movement into counters; it’s no wonder Kattar had difficulty getting his offense off early. pic.twitter.com/cJgVo3X5T5

— LAMO (@myopinionisseen) November 3, 2022

I would consider the below fight announcement more of a rumor than confirmation, but I like the match up!

Wanna know what it’s like to be a regional amateur/professional MMA fighter? It’s the below, except you also have to pay for travel and medical expenses. Don’t be scared homie!

Slips, rips, and KO clips

There are a lot worse ways to spend your evening/morning than rewatching Dustin Poirier vs. Justin Gaethje. Great fight with great momentum shifts!

Slamming your way out of a submission doesn’t work until it WORKS!

Great snatch of the RNC!

Random Land

Yup, I’m good on all that.

Midnight Music: I had a music request on Twitter, and I’ve picked way too many songs for this column to be turning down requests.

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