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The Alex Pereira vs. Khamzat Chimaev beef is really starting to thrive. Though Chimaev remains somewhat committed to the Welterweight title, the Chechen wrestler has flirted at a Middleweight title run too. Since his ability to make 170 lbs. is in question, that’s become a more likely option for Chimaev, particularly since the division is helmed by a pair of elite kickboxers.

Kickboxers quite a few analysts think would fall easily to “Borz.”

Pereira himself isn’t scared. In fact, the Brazilian is taking bets on himself over the wrestler, and he recently claimed that Chimaev turned down a short-notice fight against him at Light Heavyweight in January. Why is the Middleweight champ calling out a Welterweight contender for a 205-pound fight? Well, Pereira cuts a ton of weight, and Chimaev has threatened to make a run at Light Heavyweight too, so it sort of makes sense.

Per Pereira, Khamzat turned that offer down. However, Chimaev has since responded online, denying such an offer exists and labeling his opponent a “fake fighter.”

Ultimately, a short-notice Light Heavyweight fight would be cool, but it’s far from the most intriguing possible fight between to the two. If Chimaev does fully decide on a Middleweight move, then just a single win could really line him up to face the winner to the likely Pereira vs. Israel Adesanya rematch sometime in 2023.

This storyline isn’t likely going away anytime soon.


Perhaps the relationship between Paulo Costa and Adesanya is finally improving? It’s nice to see.

Khamzat Chimaev rolling with Neil Magny at Renzo Gracie’s gym in New York City.

Jiri Prochazka elaborates on his emotions regarding his injury and vacated belt (in classic Jiri fashion):


There are no obstacles, just an opportunity to see the same path from a different angle and be Stronger and more human.

Once you accept the path of the Warrior or simply be absolutely honest to yourself, then you know deep inside what is false and what is true, where

— Jiri BJP Prochazka (@jiri_bjp) November 27, 2022

your Path is. Title? I became the UFC Champion 5 months ago and the current situation does not change my inner feeling of being a Champion, that is the Feeling and the Reason why I started MMA. To Be the Champion of the Best and to be the best of the best. ///\

— Jiri BJP Prochazka (@jiri_bjp) November 27, 2022

This is my Infinite Motivation and Spirit-Consciousness and Will to ACT. I can’t move it even if I force it, It’s like Gravity, a law of physics.

So if someone wins the LHW UFC title and proves they are the best NOW while I rest, I will be honored to see that performance and then

— Jiri BJP Prochazka (@jiri_bjp) November 27, 2022

Shoutout Tenshin Nasukawa!

Curtis Blaydes would run through a PFL Heavyweight tournament. Think other UFC fighters are considering making the switch?

Kicking elbows/knees/shins hurts really bad. If you ever wondered why a UFC fighter suddenly stops kicking when it was previously working, hitting a wrong target is a major possibility.

Tony Ferguson at Harvard is an unexpected event, but good for “El Cucuy!”

Slips, rips, and KO clips

A brutal knockout with some hilarious backstory — Caleb Plant sent a message!

Caleb Plant walking to the ring in a shirt that said “you don’t know me enough to hate me” then knocking his loud mouth opponent out cold and immediately putting on a shirt that said “But now you do” is probably my favorite moment in boxing history pic.twitter.com/f3I5MAeKGM

— Super Fan (@McGregorRousey) November 27, 2022

Pantoja inverted nicely to wrap up the leg in a fight that didn’t seem to be going his way from the clip:


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This looks incredibly difficult.

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