If you need any more of a reason to get pumped up for the World Cup, then here it is.

Legendary Welsh actor Michael Sheen has delivered a rousing speech to fire up his fellow countrymen ahead of their trip to Qatar in November.

It will be Wales’ first time on football’s grandest stage since 1958 when they were infamously dumped out of the tournament in the quarter-finals by some Brazilian starlet by the name of Pele. 

And of course, they will be pitted against their neighbours and favourites for the tournament, England.

In light of the upcoming fixture, the panellists on A League of Their Own asked Michael Sheen to deliver the type of speech that he would give to the Welsh players before they stepped out onto the field.

And boy oh boy, did he deliver.

Channelling his Shakespearian theatre background, and performances in The Queen, Sheen dug deep to deliver a remarkable and passionate bellowing cry.

The 53-year-old roared: “Yma o hyd, yma o hyd, I hear the voices singing, bois bach.

“One nation, singing with one voice. A song of hope, a song of courage, a victory song that floats through the valleys, like a red mist, rolls over the mountain tops, like crimson thunder.

“Ared storm is coming to the gates of Qatar. It crackles, with the spirit of ’58 and Jimmy Murphy’s boys, it turns the pages of the history books and finds Rob’s page, waiting, still to be written.

Credit: Mark Hawkins / Alamy“What would you write in there, boys? Dare you write your names on that page? We haven’t waited 64 years and come halfway around the world to be troubled by a neighbour from back home.

“When the English coming knock on our door, let’s give them some sugar, boys, let’s give them some Welsh sugar.

“They’ve always said we are too small, we are too slow, we are too weak, too full of fear, but yma o hyd, you sons of Speed, and they fall around us. We are still here.”

Queue the standing ovation.

Honestly, Rob Page should consider taking Sheen with him on the flight to Doha.

And even the English couldn’t help but be amazed.

Gary Lineker wrote online: “Goosebumps.”

Another British fan wrote: “I’m English but live on the Welsh border… sent the hairs on the back of my neck up this…”

Another said: “Wales is winning the World Cup. This just sealed it.”

Truly magnificent.