Manchester City have returned to the lawyer responsible for defeating UEFA as they attempt to prove their innocence amid allegations of misconduct from the Premier League.

Lord Pannick KC of Blackstone Chambers will once again be the man tasked with leading the Citizens to victory. Pannick was at the forefront of the team who steered the Premier League champions past UEFA after allegations of financial misconduct in 2020.

The club will be hoping that Pannick can make it three victories out of three when he fronts the fight against the Premier League, one which could prove to be the biggest battle that the club will ever face.

When the figures are broken down, Pannick could be earning as much as £400,000 per week whilst he fights the Blues corner, a wage which is on par with two-time PFA Player of the Year, Kevin De Bruyne.

Whilst the figures may seem mind-boggling to some, the potential sanctions that could be applied to the club should they lose their battle with the Premier League are likely to outweigh the financial outlay.

Image: Alamy