Logan Paul has revealed the mind-boggling numbers behind the unprecedented success of PRIME as it continues to fly off supermarket shelves around the world.

Since its release last year, co-founders KSI and Logan Paul have done a quite frankly amazing job of promoting the hydration drink, especially in the UK, where people of all ages have been desperate to get their hands on the must-have product.

To celebrate their ongoing success with PRIME, the pair recently travelled to Australia to further promote the brand.

And when they appeared on the Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O to speak about a number of subjects, Paul opened up on the serious amount of money their energy drink has made so far. Prepare yourselves.

So what did Logan say? After being asked for the numbers behind PRIME, he said: “Do you want the numbers? Alright. In year one, we cleared $110 million in retail sales.”

After a brief pause, the YouTuber-turned-wrestler confirmed the real amount. “Sorry, excuse me. $250 million in retail sales and $110 million gross internally.”

The 27-year-old then confirmed they netted $45 million in January alone from sales of PRIME – a staggering amount considering the problems they’ve had with distribution and stock in the UK especially.

Radio host Kyle Sandilands was clearly shocked by the figures before Paul explained the importance of marketing.

“We definitely cracked the code,” he said. “We hit a few really important things that are a staple marketing ploy of this generation.”

Image credit: Instagram/loganpaulIt’s safe to say a serious amount of cash has been spent to promote the beverage. Last week, during the first quarter of the Super Bowl, Paul and KSI premiered their newest advert for the energy drink.

And according to reports, a fee of $6.5 million was handed over to acquire the 30-second ad space.

That being said, it appears they have pocketed plenty of money from sales. In fact, PRIME recently signed a new deal with the UFC to become an official sponsor of the MMA promotion.

So what do they put their success down to? In the most recent episode of the IMPAULSIVE podcast, both Paul and KSI – real name JJ Olatunji – spoke about PRIME’s success.

“I don’t think any brand has gone to this level so quickly,” KSI says.

Paul replied: “I think we’ve created a masterclass in terms of how to market using social media. We’ve done a good job in leveraging the people that we try and keep entertainment. I feel grateful. I love that people love the product. I love that we serve a purpose. We’ve filled a niche in the market that didn’t exist.”

KSI added: “I feel like we are a breath of fresh air compared to all of our competitors. We’re destroying them,” before Paul replied: “By doing the wackiest sh*t. We got in PRIME mascot costumes and shadow boxed.”

“We’re actually part of the brand and showing this is our baby,” KSI said. “We want to show the whole world that we care about this and we don’t mind entertaining the masses doing so.”

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