The war-of-words between the Fury and Paul families has continued, although this time it’s younger sibling Logan taking aim at heavyweight world champion Tyson.

Last month, ex-Love Islander Tommy Fury and former Disney kid Jake Paul finally got to settle their differences inside the ring after what seemed like years of back-and-forth.

It was Tommy who ended up getting his hand raised, winning by decision thanks to the judges’ scorecards.

While many fans expected the relentless trash-talk to continue after the bout, Jake remained humble in defeat and gave credit to his rival for the victory.

However, the same couldn’t be said for his brother.

A couple of weeks on from the grudge match, Logan has decided to fire shots at Fury – not younger sibling Tommy, though.

In a recent tweet, Logan called out undefeated world champ Tyson, saying: “Make up your mind @Tyson_Fury.”

His post included a video of Tyson completely contradicting himself when it came to giving his opinion on the controversial Paul clan.

To open the compilation, Tyson says: “I actually fancy Logan Paul.”

But to follow it up, he adds: “Logan can suck my balls.”

When discussing Jake, it’s much the same from Tyson.

In the opening clip, he says: “Jake Paul’s doing fantastic.”

Which is followed by another snippet, where he asks: “Who the f**k is Jake Paul?”

With his eyes squarely on a potential heavyweight undisputed clash with Oleksandr Usyk, Tyson Fury himself is yet to respond to Logan’s tweet.

As for fans on Twitter, however, they were loving Paul’s gouding.

One replied: “Just settle it in the ring you two.”

While another added: “Is this setting up Tyson Fury vs Logan Paul in WWE?”

As a third joined in, saying: “KSI and Logan Paul vs the Furys tag team boxing next?”