Logan Paul’s power was in full flow when he knocked out a 350lb man with a sickening slap.

A couple of years back in Russia, Paul was scheduled to compete in a slap tournament but had to cancel his trip and lose $30,000.

That’s because, in preparing for the tournament Paul faced off against the slap champion and things went horribly wrong.

The individual stood at 6ft 3 and had knocked out over 30 people with slaps. But on this occasion he was on the receiving end of a vicious open-palm strike to the face – the impact so ferocious that he was instantly knocked out cold on the turf and there was concern for his his health.

Paul’s video on the situation, titled ‘THE SLAP THAT CHANGED MY LIFE’, has accrued over 22 million views on YouTube.

Paul recalled the events on the MMA hour earlier this year, saying: “I just wanted to test because I’ve never open-hand f***ing slapped a human before.

“I knocked him out cold, like cold, cold – starched him to the point where after I hit him he didn’t even know who he was.

“He was 6’3″, 350lb and it was like ‘damn’, I believe I could do that to anybody standing across from me.”

The frightening ordeal made Paul fearful of going to Russia and being slapped into oblivion. He lost out financially but kept his face in tact.

He continued: “But what if that happens to me because they can do it too, dude? What if I lose the coin flip and I don’t get to go first and I get demolished to the point where I don’t know who I am.

“That was concerning so I backed out, but now I get to host the competition and watch these crazy f***ing dudes slap the s*** out of each other.

“I took a $30,000 loss because of getting our whole team visas, booking flights and accommodation for Russia, getting hotels and everything. I took $30k to the chin by cancelling the trip.”

The event took place at the Arnold Classic sports and fitness festival in Columbus, Ohio and was shown live on Paul’s YouTube channel.

Paul was left stunned at one slap from ‘Mad Max’ to ‘Predator’, where the man was slapped into next week and dropped to the deck.

The pair traded a blow each before Mad Max lived up to his name with an insane slap.