Logan Paul has confirmed he will be returning to the boxing ring for the first since his blockbuster bout with Floyd Mayweather in 2021.

He attempted to remain tight-lipped on who his opponent will be, but a presumably annoyed Dillion Danis spoiled the surprise.

The internet sensation is reportedly set to face recently released UFC star Darren Till, according to El Jefe.

Paul was in talks to face online rival Danis in his boxing return until a knee injury while performing in the WWE took him out.

Logan revealed on his IMPAULSIVE podcast that his next fight is set in stone while chatting with guest Dave Portnoy.

Paul said: “I’ve got a new opponent. Not said yet. I’ll tell you and we’ll bleep it.”

He then reveals his mystery opponent with the sound bleeped on the podcast.

Portnoy responds: “No s**t.”

Paul then replies: “Cool, right? I don’t know what’s going on either.”

Presumably peeved that he wasn’t chosen for the opponent, and never one to back down from online squabble Danis decided to ruin Logan’s announcement.

The former MMA fighter claimed that Till would be Logan’s opponent in the squared circle.

In a since deleted tweet, he said: “He ran from me to go fight 1-5 Darren Till.”

Till recently made headlines after requesting his release from the UFC, saying it was time for to execute ‘big plans’.

He tweeted at the time: “What’s happening everyone, me, Dana & Hunter are still cool as f**k.

“I asked UFC [to] remove me just [to] sort some other s**t for the foreseeable.

“They happily agreed to release me out of [the] contract which I appreciate. I’m not going anywhere, got big plans to execute & I’ll be back.”

Presumably, those big plans were a mega-money fight with a celebrity influencer such as Paul.

While no official confirmation has been made on the Paul and Till matchup, the Englishman further fuelled the rumours by tweeting out an emoji of boxing gloves and a money bag.

The ex-welterweight certainly seems intent on making that bank while he can.

In the meantime, Logan Paul is focusing on his in-ring career in the WWE.

He is set to take on Seth Rollins in a one-on-one match at WrestleMania 39.