Logan Paul and Anderson Silva traded barbs at his press conference after Paul heckled the MMA legend from the crowd.

But, as has been the case throughout this build-up, it was all in good spirits.

Former UFC champion Silva is preparing to take on YouTuber Jake Paul in a boxing match.

In the lead-up to his other fights, we have become accustom to seeing Jake go back-and-forth with his upcoming opponents, relentlessly trash-talking them and engaging in the psychological warfare.

But when it comes to 47-year-old Silva, it seems there’s a mutual respect there.

That didn’t stop Jake from handing the reins over to his older brother Logan in a bid to rattle Anderson.

“Anderson, I love you,” Logan yelled from the crowd during the pre-fight press conference.

“But I think Jake is going to knock you out. I’m positive he is.”

He added: “It only ends one way. I love you, but to answer your question Jake, about two months ago was when I became certain that this fight was going to end the same as it always does. Anderson, you’re going to be face-down and horizontal by the end of the night.”

Host Ariel Helwani was quick to crack a joke, quipping: “Excuse me sir, can you please identify yourself? What’s your outlet?”

For most people, a 25-year-old former Disney kid shouldn’t even lay a glove on a combat sports icon with 45 mixed martial arts bouts under his belt.

But, as is the case with boxing, Jake has a puncher’s chance.

Not just that, though, his record against ex-UFC fighters isn’t too shabby either.

“Everybody has asked me the same thing, ‘are you sure you want to do that? Jake Paul? Are you sure? He’s beating a lot of guys from the UFC?’ I say I’m ready for that,” Silva said.

“He’s younger than me, but I’m a superhero.”