Logan Paul has gone out on a limb, making the big call that he is the greatest YouTuber to transition into boxing.

But there’s just one thing Paul seems to have forgotten: He has never actually won a fight.

The concept of YouTube boxing has become a huge phenomenon as of late.

In just a few short years, we’ve seen these content creators sell out entire stadiums and even go toe-to-toe with some of the best boxers of all-time.

From the first ever YouTube boxing bout between KSI and Joe Weller to Jake Paul turning pro and defeating former MMA champions, these YouTubers are certainly doing bits inside the ring.

But when it comes to who the greatest is, there’s probably a few who can lay claim to it – one of which being Logan Paul.

But, and it’s a huge but, he reckons he’s the greatest despite never actually getting his hand raised.

“So here is where it gets really interesting,” Paul said during an episode of his Impaulsive podcast.

“Now I am watching the landscape unfold and I have no wins but I am hungry and really hungry to get back in the ring. I am seeing my comrades do it and by the way if I didn’t think I was the best I wouldn’t do anything in life.

“In my head I have to be number one because if I don’t believe it then how the f**k is anyone going to believe it? That is what I believe but of course respect to some of the particular greats in this vertical. I am hungry, I am training for the WWE again too but I am going in waves and I chase certain pursuits and WWE is becoming very real for me now.”

Credit: AlamyLogan’s younger brother Jake probably has a fair reason to throw his name into the hat for the greatest YouTube boxer debate.

Not only has Jake turned pro, but he’s also fought some of the baddest dudes on the planet, most notably knocking out former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Jake now looks set to fight another UFC icon in the form of Anderson Silva in what promises to be an intriguing match-up – certainly Paul’s most tricky to date.

As for Logan, while he may not boast a victory inside the ring, he has fought arguably one of the greatest boxers in history in Floyd Mayweather.

We use the term ‘fought’ very lightly, but still.