Liverpool have put out a statement explaining their ‘huge disappointment’ at the leaks of UEFA’s review into the scenes at last season’s Champions League final.

Last May, the Reds lost to Real Madrid in Paris but for many the result didn’t matter after the ugly start to the game, as fans were left outside the ground and the kick off had to be delayed.

There were issues with supporters being forced into tight spaces whilst queueing to get in and being tear gassed by police outside the Stade de France.

UEFA then commissioned a review led by Portuguese Dr Tiago Brandao Rodrigues to look at what happened and, after several months, it was revealed on Monday that the review has found the football governing body should take “primary responsibility” for what happened.

Whilst that is a win for everyone around the Anfield club, not least the fans, they have released a statement saying how they are disappointed the review was leaked, ahead of the official announcement that was due to come on Tuesday.

“It’s hugely disappointing that a report of such significance, such importance to football supporters’ lives and future safety, should be leaked and published in this way,” the club statement read.

“It’s been over eight months of work by the independent panel and it is only right and proper to publish the contents of the report to our supporters appropriately.

“We will await to receive a copy of the report and digest it thoroughly before making any further comment.”

Signs inside the Stade de France blamed fans. Image: AlamyThe leak confirms that the claims by UEFA and the French government that ticketless Liverpool fans had tried to get into the ground were false.

It goes on to say that those supporters from England were ‘instrumental’ in avoiding a disaster outside the ground, that could have led to the loss of lives.

On that occasion, Liverpool fans were blamed for the death of 97 of their own fans and it was only years later that it was proved that they weren’t to blame.

Tuesday’s review into last year’s incident also calls for it to be a ‘wake up call’ to French authorities, with the Rugby World Cup being held in the country later this year and the Olympics in Paris in 2024.