Crystal Palace midfielder and lifelong Liverpool fan Will Hughes could be seen ‘shushing’ a group of Manchester United fans after Casemiro was sent off in Saturday’s Premier League clash.

After a relatively well-behaved 70 minutes at Old Trafford, things erupted into life when a rough challenge from Jeffrey Schlupp on Antony sparked a brawl between both sets of players.

Andre Marriner proceeded to check the pitch-side monitor at Old Trafford and the Brazilian was handed the first red card of his professional career for violent conduct.

Image credit: AlamyMoments after Casemiro was given his marching orders, a number of United fans decided to vent their frustration towards Palace midfielder Hughes, who was heavily involved in the brawl.

But rather than ignore them, Hughes would perform the classic ‘shush’ gesture before making a number six gesture with his hands – a reference to the number of Champions League trophies Liverpool have lifted.

Chants of “You scouse b*****d” followed but the Palace midfielder was seen smirking as United players continued to protest Casemiro’s dismissal.

Here is footage of the incident in full, courtesy of TikTok account StrettyEnd.

Hughes, who was born in Surrey, has opened up about his admiration for Liverpool in the past.

“I used to go quite a bit to watch them when I was younger and an academy player but obviously it’s a lot more difficult nowadays,” the former Derby player told The Express.

“That was Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano, Fernando Torres and Gerrard in their prime. It wasn’t a bad team.

“Why Liverpool? I couldn’t really tell you. They were just the team I followed growing up so you can’t say I was a glory supporter because they weren’t very successful in that period.

“I just had an admiration for them and followed them ever since.”

He added: “Steven Gerrard, with the way he played, the way he went about his game and his demeanour was my favourite player growing up and I followed him quite closely.”

Hughes makes a number six gesture with his hands – a reference to the number of Champions League trophies Liverpool have won. Image credit: TikTok/strettyendIn terms of Saturday’s on-field brawl, fan footage appears to show that the Casemiro situation ‘wasn’t as bad’ as it first looked.

United fans were livid over the decision after seeing the below clip. One fan commented: “Shocker. Doesn’t look anyway near as bad or long when it isn’t in slow motion. This has to be appealed.”

Another said: “Doesn’t look half as bad when it’s not a freeze frame.”

A third fan also said: “I mean, yeah, looking at this it’s a ridiculous decision to send him off. He’s holding Hughes back from getting involved in the fight!”

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