UFC 276 live stream results and play-by-play updates: Reigning Middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya, will defend his 185-pound belt against former heavyweight bruiser Jared Cannonier TONIGHT (Sat., July 2, 2022) inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The victor moves on to defend the division strap against the winner of Sean Strickland vs. Alex Pereira, who are set to collide in a Middleweight title eliminator on tonight’s pay-per-view (PPV) main card. In UFC 276’s co-main event, current Featherweight titleholder, Alex Volkanovski, will look to distance himself from ex-division kingpin, Max Holloway, in their third (and perhaps final) five-round fight. In addition, UFC fan favorites Sean O’Malley, Robbie Lawler, and Donald Cerrone are all scheduled to compete this weekend in “Sin City.”

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BLOCKBUSTER CHAMPIONSHIP DOUBLEHEADER! Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) International Fight Week returns to T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sat., July 2, 2022, capped by a stacked card headlined by a blockbuster championship double header. In UFC 276’s pay-per-view (PPV) main event, reigning Middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya, defends his crown against No. 2-ranked contender, Jared Cannonier. In the co-main event, Featherweight champion, Alexander Volkanovski, has his sights set on successfully defending his title once again against No. 1-seeded contender, Max Holloway, for the third (and likely final) time.

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Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Adesanya vs. Cannonier.” Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 276 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Israel Adesanya vs. Jared Cannonier

Alexander Volkanovski vs. Max Holloway

Sean Strickland vs. Alex Pereira — Pereira def. Strickland by KO (punches) at 2:36 of Round One

Robbie Lawler vs. Bryan Barberena — Barberena def. Lawler by TKO (punches) at 4:47 of Round Two

Pedro Munhoz vs. Sean O’Malley — No decision (eye poke) at 3:09 of Round Two

Brad Riddell vs. Jalin Turner — Turner def. Riddell by submission (guillotine choke) at 0:45 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS

Donald Cerrone vs. Jim Miller — Miller def. Cerrone by submission (guillotine choke) at 1:32 of Round Two — HIGHLIGHTS

Ian Garry vs. Gabe Green — Garry def. Green by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Brad Tavares vs. Dricus Du Plessis — Du Plessis def. Tavares by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Uriah Hall vs. Andre Muniz — Muniz def. Hall by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Jessica Eye vs. Maycee Barber — Barber def. Eye by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)

Jessica Rose-Clark vs. Julija Stoliarenko — Stoliarenko def. Clark by submission (armbar) at 0:42 of Round One — HIGHLIGHTS


185 lbs.: UFC Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya vs. Jared Cannonier

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Final result:

145 lbs.: UFC Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski vs. Max Holloway

Round 1: Holloway on the advance, tossing out kicks. One minute in. Keeping Volkanovski at a distance. Both try head kicks, Volkanovski falls short with a 1-2. There’s a 3-2 from him that Holloway answers with a jab two minutes in. More kicks from Holloway. They trade in the center, both landing to the body. Overhand right gets Holloway’s attention. 3-2. Two minutes to go.

Holloway tries a head kick. Quick jab by Volkanovski and some clean rights on the exit. Exchanging in the center. One minute to go. Counter hook from Volkanovski answers a low kick. Both land two-pieces and tie up. Knee from Holloway before they separate. Holloway tries to answer a jab with a long combo, lands a hard elbow and 1-2 inside. Low kick exchange. Holloway tries a spinning elbow at the bell. 10-9 Volkanovski.

Round 2: Heavy overhand right from Volkanovski kicks off a nice combo. Low kick from Holloway. One minute in. Jabs landing for Volkanovski, then another overhand right as they trade. Holloway advancing, eats a jab and lands his own. Volkanovski puts him on the fence. Two minutes in. Heavy elbow and they trade on the break. Nice exchanges, huge overhand from Volkanovski that Holloway again eats without issue. Long jab lands for Holloway. Two minutes to go.

Volkanovski backs him off with a combo. Holloway tries head kicks. Low kick exchange. Holloway lands a double jab, eats a 1-2, comes back with a heavy left. One minute to go. Head kick attempt, long 1-2. Well-timed inside low kick by Volkanovski, who weathers a right cross and avoids a flying knee. They trade in the center. Holloway tries a spinning back kick. 10-9 Volkanovski.

Round 3: Max has a gnarly cut through his left eyebrow. We’ll see how that develops.

Holloway continuing to pressure but his volume is nowhere to be seen. There’s a solid counter right from him and a head kick attempt. Long exchange. Quick lefts from Volkanovski a minute in. Low kick exchange and they trade heat on the fence. Both land jabs. Volkanovski firing his jab as he circles. Clean right hands land for him, then an uppercut and left hook two minutes in. Another overhand as they trade. Holloway answers a low kick with a jab. Big four-piece by Volkanovski; he’s retaken the momentum after Holloway started the round strong. He ties up on the fence. Two minutes to go.

Jockeying for position. Holloway trying to sneak in knees. Volkanovski tries a spinning elbow on the break. Quick jab. Overhand right. 2-1, jab through the guard. Holloway runs in with a body kick with a minute to go. Flying knee lands to the body. Volkanovski lands heavy artillery on the break. Now Volkanovski’s cut between the eyes. One last trade before the bell. 10-9 Volkanovski.

Round 4: Volkanovski backs him to the fence, looks to unload, ties up. Body lock. Separation. Holloway follows a body kick with a solid right cross. Volkanovski left hook a minute in. Holloway comes back with a body kick. Spinning back kick. More snap kicks downstairs, clean jab inside two minutes in. Volkanovski low kick to jab. 3-2 as Holloway continues to look for body kicks. They tie up and separate with two minutes to go.

Both rip the body. Volkanovski throwing heat, eats a spinning back kick downstairs. 2-3 on the exit. Clean lead uppercut. One minute to go. Good right from Holloway, eats one in return as they exchange. Spinning back kick again. Right cross met by a Volkanovski jab. More spinning attempts by Holloway. 10-9 Holloway.

Round 5: Low kicks from Holloway as he continues to advance. He shoots, denied. Volkanovski reverses and separates. Low kick a minute in, body kicks behind it. Jabs landing for him. Solid calf kicks. Holloway sneaks in a body shot as they trade but it’s Volkanovski’s jab owning the standup two minutes in. Volkanovski denies a takedown and puts him on the fence. They trade on the break. Low kick exchange. Two minutes to go.

Volkanovski in cruise control and an increasingly bloodied Holloway isn’t forcing the issue. Counter right lands for Volkanovski, then another clean jab. Big combination from the champ. Another calf kick with a minute to go. More clean jabs and combinations. They trade near the fence. Volkanovski firing combinations. 10-9 Volkanovski. Impeccable performance.

Final result:

185 lbs.: Sean Strickland vs. Alex Pereira

Round 1: Pereira tossing out body kicks as Strickland marches after him. Quick jabs. Strickland looking to jab with him. One minute in. Pereira doing well off the back foot, peppering with jabs and quick kicks. Body kick and jabs from Strickland. Two minutes in. Clean 1-2 lands for Pereira. Good movement and he detonates that legendary left hook of his right on Strickland’s chin. Strickland pops back up, only to get leveled by a right cross behind it. He’s out on impact, and while he wakes up after hitting the ground, this one’s over.

Final result: Pereira def. Strickland by KO (punches)

170 lbs.: Robbie Lawler vs. Bryan Barberena

Round 1: Barberena opens with low kicks. Both men warned for outstretched fingers. More low kicks from Barberena. Lawler bangs the body in return, then a cross counter upstairs. One minute in. 1-2-3 from Lawler, who looks like the faster man in there. Big exchange near the fence. Solid jabs by Barberena and another low kick. Lawler pressuring, absorbs a big left and comes back with a right hook. They’re trading. Good body shot by Barberena, then a lengthy flurry two minutes in. Lawler comes back with a clean uppercut, backing Barberena to the fence. Big left cross. Barberena sending out volume, lands well to the body and sneaks in an elbow. Lawler weathering it so far. Trading heat. Two minutes to go.

More long arm punch flurries by Barberena hit air, but he sneaks in a heavy body shot. Both landing heat. Lawler’s defense looks good but Barberena’s finding success to the body and with elbows upstairs. Lawler tanking it, cracks him with another uppercut. Hard low-high combo by Lawler, then another clean uppercut with a minute to go. Barberena bouncing arm punches off his guard, sneaks in an up-elbow. Big 1-2 by Lawler. Body shot and knee. Straight left. Barberena tries a head kick. 10-9 Barberena on volume.

Round 2: Barberena on the front foot. Solid early punches. Now Lawler back to stalking. Hard 3-2 and triple jab. Another stiff jab knocks Barberena back. Lawler lancing him with that jab a minute in. Barberena trying to come back with volume, walks into a 1-2. Body kick from Barberena. Heavy trade at close range. Double lefts by Barnerena two minutes in. Lawler continuing to pressure, absorbs low kicks. Another clean jab from Lawler. Barberena check hook. Heavier one from Lawler soon after. Two minutes to go.

Good trade in the center. Heavy counter right by Lawler. Now it’s Barberena looking to press the advantage after a heavy series of elbows and they’re trading bombs. Heavy rights by Lawler. One minute to go. Two big lefts land for Barberena, who walks into a bigger one. Nasty elbows. Barberena marching forward and he’s hurt Lawler with a right hook. Lawler’s reeling and there’s the stoppage.

Final result: Barberena def. Lawler by TKO (punches)

135 lbs.: Pedro Munhoz vs. Sean O’Malley

Round 1: Trading low kicks to start. O’Malley looks for front kicks, appears to check a calf kick. One minute in. Munhoz runs in with another low kick. O’Malley sneaks in a jab. Two minutes in. Very tentative fight so far. O’Malley falls short with a spinning back kick, eats low kicks. Lead right lands for him. Front kick catches Munhoz in the junk with two minutes to go.

Shifting left from O’Malley, low kicks from Munhoz. One minute to go. Munhoz tries a head kick. O’Malley not offering a lot in return as Munhoz chips away at his legs. Munhoz attempts a wheel kick, absorbs a spinning back kick. 10-9 Munhoz.

Round 2: O’Malley looking to jab. Long 1-1-2, wheel kick just misses. One minute in. Munhoz low kick, O’Malley lead right. O’Malley shifting stance, tries a front kick, eats a leg kick. Quick combo. Two minutes in. 1-2 from O’Malley met by another low kick. More low kicks from Munhoz. Quick jab lands for O’Malley. Two minutes to go.

Munhoz tries to rush in and takes a finger in the eye. It’s pretty bad; looks like he can’t open his right eye. Yep, this one’s over.

Final result: No decision (eye poke)

155 lbs.: Brad Riddell vs. Jalin Turner

Round 1: Turner advancing early. Hard counter right lands for him, then an uppercut and a guillotine attempt as Riddell tries to shoot. He forces Riddell to the mat, moves to mount, and cranks to force a quick tap. What a performance from “The Tarantula.”

Final result: Turner def. Riddell by submission (guillotine choke)

170 lbs.: Donald Cerrone vs. Jim Miller

Round 1: Early left hand from Cerrone in combination. Low kick and front kick attempt. Miller fires a calf kick. Solid left connects. Another Cerrone low kick. One minute in. Counter 1-2 from Miller, who eats an uppercut. Cerrone tries a head kick. Miller tries to blitz and absorbs a cross on the exit. Two minutes in. Intercepting knee and 1-2 land clean for Cerrone. Miller teep. He times a low kick and lands a left hand as he takes Cerrone down, avoiding an armbar in the process. Two minutes to go.

Elbow and short punches from Miller. Cerrone trying to set up a triangle, eats a couple left hands and manages to scramble into top position. One minute to go. Miller trying to play a high guard. Elbows off his back. He goes for an armbar, can’t get it, shrugs off a Cerrone leglock attempt. 10-9 Cerrone, but Miller kept it close late.

Round 2: Counter left from Miller met by a Cerrone right cross. They trade low kicks. One minute in. Cerrone lands a head kick as Miller fires a body kick, knocking “Cowboy” over and causing a wild scramble in which Miller manages to wrap up an airtight arm-in guillotine. Cerrone puts up some admirable resistance, but it’s way, way too deep. Revenge for “A-10.”

Final result: Miller def. Cerrone by submission (guillotine choke)

170 lbs.: Ian Garry vs. Gabe Green

Round 1: Green advancing, firing low kicks Garry circling behind his jab. One minute in. Counter left attempt. Green really going after that lead leg, eats a hard counter right. Quick exchange. Two minutes in. Superman punch from Green, who eats a counter combination in return that backs him off. Garry low kick and lead hook. Quick jab. Green to the leg and body. Two minutes to go.

Garry tries a knee, eats a body shot. Garry jab, Green body shot. 1-2-3 buzzes Green, who comes right back after him. Garry lead right and 1-2. Another 1-2 lands clean. Lead left by Green. One minute to go. Garry pops him with a jab. Counter left from Green. Garry lands a knee in the clinch, eats a straight left and low kicks. Quick exchange. Big combo by Garry in the waning seconds. 10-9 Garry.

Round 2: Green looking more urgent, gets tripped up by a leg kick. Counter 1-2 from Garry, head kick attempt. He just misses with a head kick, tries a combo behind it, gets poked in the eye. Back to the action a minute in. Garry with a head kick and some counters as Green continues to try and chew up his lead leg. Garry ties up and they jockey for position. Inside trip puts Garry on top and he moves right to mount two minutes in. Green slips free and looks for his own takedowns, stymied by a fence grab from Garry. Green holding onto the body lock. Two minutes to go.

They separate. Knee and 1-2 from Garry, then another cracking right. Green waves him on. Lead left lands for him. Garry looking for knees, lands a straight right and jabs. Good exchange on the fence. Green body shot, Garry overhand right. Garry check hook and body kick. Trading punches on the fence. Triple low kick from Green. They trade power hands. 10-9 Garry.

Round 3: Green continuing to march forward and throw, but Garry sends him to the mat with a clean right hand. Green quickly gets his wits back and works his way to his feet, shutting down a d’arce attempt along the way. Garry tries the inside trip again and Green grabs a body lock a minute in. Green trying to wrench him down, can’t do so. Solid knee by Garry on the break. Green swinging big. Two minutes in. Green tries a spinning back fist and eats a two-piece in return. Garry counter right and jabs. Green tries to come back with low kicks. 2-1 from Garry. Counter 1-2. Low kicks from Green in return. Two minutes to go.

Jump knee appears to land for Garry. Green body kick. Clean jabs and crosses landing for Garry. Long uppercut and a leg kick on the retreat. Green still marching after him, just falling short and getting touched up. One minute to go. Another clean 1-2 by Garry. Green lead left. Garry working behind his jab, staying mobile. They trade in teh center to end the fight. 10-9 Garry.

Final result: Garry def. Green by unanimous decision

185 lbs.: Brad Tavares vs. Dricus Du Plessis

Round 1: Du Plessis tossing out kicks to start, Tavares avoiding them. Du Plessis tries to blitz and runs into either a counter or Tavares’ head, prompting him to shoot. Good defense from Tavares. One minute in. Du Plessis bungles a lateral drop and ends up on his back in half guard. Short punches from Tavares. du Plessis scoots to the fence, can’t get free two minutes in. Nice sit-up into a takedown attempt. Tavares avoids an inside reap, gets taken to the fence. Two minutes to go.

Separation. Du Plessis charges in and walks into a nasty counter right that visibly rings his bell. He manages to turn it into a takedown attempt and put him on the fence. One minute to go. Tavares reverses. They separate with 20 seconds to go. Spinning back fist attempt form Du Plessis, who gets stopped in his tracks by a teep. 10-9 Tavares.

Round 2: Both tossing out kicks to start. Tavares counter right, Du Plessis knee. Big blitz from Du Plessis. Hard right cross opens Tavares up and Du Plessis follows with a glancing head kick. One minute in. Looping left. Tavares comes back with a loud body kick. Du Plessis claims an eye poke, ref doesn’t stop things. Counter jab by Tavares, spinning back fist by Du Plessis. Tavares leg kick, Du Plessis blitz. Du Plessis landing surprisingly well this round. Two minutes in. Tavares goes low kick to body kick. Du Plessis head kick just misses. They trade in the center. Big looping left from Du Plessis, who tries to shoot unsuccessfully. Tavares low kick and counter 1-2. Two minutes to go.

Long 1-2 lands for Du Plessis. He rushes in with an elbow and the ref warns them to watch their heads. Counter from Tavares. One minute to go. Both swing big. Tavares front kick. He lands a check hook, only to get cracked by a right hand and a left hook that has him on jelly legs. He survives the round. 10-9 Du Plessis.

Round 3: They meet in the center and immediately start trading. Both landing good punches and kicks. Big 1-2 from Du Plessis. Tavares head kick, then a clean body kick. One minute in. Du Plessis 1-2, Tavares counter right and leg kick. 1-2-3 stings Tavares, who comes back with a counter jab and front kick. Body kick from Du Plessis. He blitzes to answer a low kick. Two minutes in. Spinning back fist lands for him, Tavares eats it and comes back with strikes. Tavares body kick met by a left hook downstairs. He fires a jab and eats a right in return. Two minutes to go.

Tavares doing well behind his jab but the big punches are coming from Du Plessis. There’s some heavy rights from “Stillknicks” and a body kick behind it. Jab exchange. Du Plessis lands a counter left and follows up with a right cross. Jab from Tavares. One minute to go. Hard flurry by Du Plessis, then a pair of monstrous rights that Tavares somehow absorbs. Another heavy lead right, Tavares returns fire. Du Plessis catches him coming in with a pair of knees. 10-9 Du Plessis.

Final result: Du Plessis def. Tavares by unanimous decision

185 lbs.: Uriah Hall vs. Andre Muniz

Round 1: Body kick from Muniz. Lots of hand fighting, not much else. One minute in. Glancing head kick from Muniz, Hall tries to fire counters. Muniz low kick. Hall looks for a head kick two minutes in. Muniz flurries into the clinch and dumps Hall to the mat with an easy single-leg. Dropping punches from half guard. Looking to attack the far arm, uses it as a distraction to slip into side control. Two minutes to go.

Hall regains guard. Solid punches from Muniz, d’arce attempt from half guard. Slick move to mount with a minute to work. Muniz gets overeager chasing a mounted triangle and Hall pops up, only to get dragged back down. Back control for Muniz against the fence. Trying to set up an armbar, no dice. 10-9 Muniz.

Round 2: Hall tries a quick 1-2, eats a low kick. Muniz backs him to the fence, lands a right hand. Long-range double from Muniz, good defense by Hall. Muniz again pressures him to the fence and looks for a single-leg a minute in. Hall survives the initial attempt, but gets tripped into guard. Regular punches from Muniz. Two minutes in. Right to mount. Dropping punches, looking for a kimura with two minutes to go.

Muniz moves to the back. One minute to go. Short little softening punches. Still looking for the choke, tries the armbar in the waning seconds. Hall slips out and drops bombs until the bell. 10-9 Muniz.

Round 3: Muniz tries head kicks. Hall tries to come back with a front kick, eats a low kick. Hard lead left lands for Muniz. Once again he pressures Hall to the fence and shoots. Nice single-leg puts him on top a minute in. Side control for Muniz. Hall tries to stand and Muniz looks for the back two minutes in. He’s got both hooks in and Hall flattened. Short punches with two minutes to go.

Hall manages to get to his feet, Muniz still playing backpack. One minute to go. Back to the mat. Muniz looking for the choke; Hall defending but doing nothing to actually escape the position. 10-9 Muniz.

Final result: Muniz def. Hall by unanimous decision

125 lbs.: Jessica Eye vs. Maycee Barber

Round 1: Early clinch, Barber landing knees as Eye fires punches. Eye puts her on the fence. One minute in. Eye still keeping her against the side of the cage. Short elbows from Barber land clean. Eye fires a knee downstairs, eats an elbow and knee. Another gnarly elbow from Barber as she reverses. Two minutes in. Elbow on the break. Eye catches her with some punches as Barber tries to fire haymakers, then puts her on the fence again. Barber elbow. She reverses, continues to do damage in the clinch. Two minutes to go.

Eye tries to shoot, runs into an elbow. Jockeying for position. Another elbow from Barber. One minute to go. Eye’s got a big ol’ knot above her right eye that’s swelling up something fierce. She’s getting Barber against the fence but getting chewed up inside. 10-9 Barber.

Round 2: Good right hook from Barber backs Eye off. Back to the clinch, Eye looking for a takedown. One minute in. Eye not doing anything in the clinch, gets reversed and eats a glancing knee. Good elbow from Barber and a knee on the break. Eye shoots again, puts her on the fence. Barber sneaking in elbows two minutes in. They separate. Head kick attempt prompts Eye to shoot and this time she completes it. Two minutes to go.

Eye sitting in half guard, doing nothing. One minute to go. Dinky GnP. 10-9 Eye.

Round 3: Barber looks for head kicks. Eye counter right to answer a low kick. Brief collision in the center. One minute in. Head kick and jab from Barber. Eye grabs a body lock and puts her on the fence and they trade rights on the break. Two minutes in. Another clinch from Eye, who gets blasted by an elbow for her trouble. Jab lands for her, eats a low kick in return. They trade in close. Front kick by Barber, Brazilian kick falls short. Two minutes to go.

Barber front kick, Eye straight right. Both land right hands. Barber to the body. Eye shoots, eats a knee and elbows. Head kick from Barber and Eye puts her on the fence again. One minute to go. They separate. Hard right hook by Barber, who denies another takedown and drops hammerfists. Eye puts her on the fence once again. 10-9 Barber.

Final result: Barber def. Eye by unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Jessica Rose-Clark vs. Julija Stoliarenko

Round 1: They trade low kicks and Clark briefly drops Stoliarenko with a hard right hand, who pops back up and gets to slugging. Clark gets overeager in her pursuit and Stoliarenko puts her on her back with a perfectly timed double leg. She’s in armbar position seconds later, and Clark’s left arm is at a grotesque angle by the time she taps. That’s a dislocated elbow for sure.

Final result: Stoliarenko def. Clark by submission (armbar)

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