​Danny Mills has sensationally claimed that NONE of the Premier League top six would take Lionel Messi right now.

Image: Alamy At times, he struggled in Ligue 1 after supposedly turning down the chance to play in England’s top flight. 

Former Premier League full-back Mills doesn’t think any of the top six would take the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner right now. 

Mills, though, hailed Messi as the greatest footballer he’s ever seen – but isn’t convinced he’d get in the likes of Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham.

“Would you take Lionel Messi right now? Probably not,” he said on talkSPORT. 

Needless to say, Mills’ assessment of Messi sent social media wild. 

One tweeted: “Is he at the wind up? I would take Messi in a heartbeat and I’m a Tottenham fan.”​

A second wrote: “Only for commercial reasons. To sell shirts. Apart from that, no. None of them would take him.”​

A third added: “This has to be a joke. Messi walks into every single team in the world.”​

A fourth commented: “Surely this isn’t serious?! You could maybe, just maybe make a case for Man City. But he absolutely walks into Tottenham side surely.”​

Image: Alamy The idea of Messi playing in the Premier League has always been a fascinating discussion. 

His impressive goal-scoring record against English clubs in the Champions League suggests he’d be a huge success in the league. 

Though Mills believes the Argentine doesn’t get in any of the Premier League top six right now. 

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