Gabriel Agbonlahor has slammed Leeds for excessively celebrating their improbable 4-3 comeback win over Bournemouth.

Leeds initially went 1-0 up through a Rodrigo penalty, but Bournemouth answered back with goals from Tavernier and Billing in the first half.

Things got worse for Leeds in the 48th minute after Dominic Solanke coolly backheeled the ball into the far corner and made it 3-1, all looked lost.

But two goals in 8 minutes got Leeds back into the game and in the 84th minute, after a colossal fight back from Leeds, Crystencio Summerville scored the winner on a fast break.

The hero from the infamous win against Liverpool last week, Summerville led the celebrations as he ran over in jubilation to celebrate in front of the ecstatic crowd.

Gabriel Agbonlahor doesn’t think the celebrations are warranted though. He went on to express his disappointment the Leeds players particularly.

“The only thing I was disappointed was with how Leeds were celebrating.

“They won 4-3 today, and they’re celebrating like they’ve won the Champions League, defend properly and you don’t concede 3 goals at home to Bournemouth!

“Yes, great result to get the win but they were celebrating like they’d won the Champions League or beaten Manchester City!”

Leeds players celebrate their victory. (Image Credit: Alamy)Fellow talkSPORT presenter Jamie O’Hara couldn’t believe what he was hearing, even chiming in saying:

“What is your problem with Leeds?”

As a side that has a relatively new manager implementing his style on the team and having lost their star player over the summer, a comeback win like this might warrant celebrations for some.

But not for Agbonlahor, who seemed unimpressed and disinterested in the importance or size of the result for Leeds and their season.

The win shows that they might just be picking up form, as they now have two wins from their last three games, with last weekend’s win coming against Liverpool with another late Summerville goal.

This result leaves the Whites in 12th, only three points clear of the relegation zone. The bottom half of the table has been tight all season, with the point gap betwen 20th and 10th only being 6 points.

To highlight how close the Premier League table is in general, Liverpool are only 4 points clear of the relegation zone, although they do have two games in hand. With games as close as they have been today, anything can happen and we are in for an exciting rest of the season.