Laura Woods has admitted she used to sneak into the boy’s toilets and was suspended at school.

The 35-year-old is one of the most popular sports presenters in the game today and was one of ITV’s primary reporters for the World Cup in Qatar.

But many years ago when in school, Woods confessed she was not well behaved and ended up getting suspended for her antics, which included climbing of windows and going into the boys’ toilets.

“I got suspended for a combination of naughty things,” she revealed on the Happy Hour podcast.

“Basically, I climbed out of a window, I climbed out the window during Spanish class, they closed the window behind me and then I would wave to my teacher through the window without her noticing. That was the crux of it, like get out before she notices.

“And that got me in a lot of trouble, just generally being like, fairly naughty in general. We went into the boys’ toilet, and that was apparently really naughty as well.

“So those were all the strikes that led up to me being suspended.”

Woods went on to reveal she would “lose focus” and believes her tendency to mess about could have been related to a form of ADHD.

Image: AlamyIt was English and PE which she enjoyed the most and so her career path is no surprise. Woods first started as a runner at Sky 2009 and has worked her way up.

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