Radio host and Arsenal fan Laura Woods went head-to-head with a frustrated Tottenham supporter on Monday – and it’s fair to say she put him in his place.

There was a lot to discuss during talkSPORT’s breakfast show, not least Liverpool’s 7-0 mauling of Manchester United on Sunday.

However, one caller – a Spurs fan – phoned in to have a moan about Arsenal’s 3-2 come-from-behind win against Bournemouth on Saturday.

Two weeks after coming from behind to score a late winner away at Aston Villa, Mikel Arteta’s side repeated the trick to spark wild celebrations inside the Emirates Stadium.

This weekend, Arsenal’s lead at the top of the Premier League table looked set to be cut to two points after Manchester City beat Newcastle 2-0 and the Gunners found themselves two goals down to Bournemouth.

City fans were understandably frustrated but after Spurs lost 1-0 to Wolves, caller Dan wasn’t best pleased either.

First of all, he took aim at Arsenal fans for celebrating a late win against the side that ended the matchday bottom of the table.

“Do you know how cringe it is to listen to you lot, right?” Dan began.

“Bournemouth have form for this. We [Spurs] were 2-0 down to Bournemouth earlier in the season and came back. You lot are the most cringeworthy, desperate, try-hard fanbase I’ve ever heard in my life.

“You are one of the luckiest clubs I have ever come across in my life. You scored in the eighth minute of the six minutes added on, and you celebrate like a kid who’s just been given a pack of Percy Pigs.”

Woods was having none of Dan’s fun-police argument, and questioned why he was so bothered.

“Dan, do you know what I heard there in your wonderful rant? I heard ‘waaa, waaa, waaa, waaa’,” Woods said.

“I heard, ‘Oh God, we lost 1-0 to Wolves at the weekend. What’s the best thing I can do on a Monday morning? I can call up talkSPORT and cry about how much Arsenal fans are having a great season.

Arsenal’s late winner vs Bournemouth sparked wild celebrations. (Credit: Alamy)”Your manager is a born winner, but he can’t even get Spurs to win! What’s happening Dan? Don’t worry about Arsenal, worry about yourselves!”

When Dan tried to argue that Arsenal have been lucky with injuries this season, Woods pointed out that top-scorer Gabriel Jesus has missed most of the season, while midfield anchor Thomas Partey has had two separate spells on the sidelines.

While the thought of Arsenal fans celebrating a league title is a little nauseating for everyone bar their fanbase, they can’t be criticised for celebrating a 97th-minute winner. Woods won this argument hands-down.