Tyron Woodley, once one of the most feared men on the planet, has been given a blunt reality check by a YouTuber.

Content creator-turned-boxer KSI has ripped into Woodley, claiming that he’s not a worthy opponent inside the ring – despite his decorated mixed martial arts career.

There has been talks bubbling beneath the surface that fan favourite YouTuber KSI could take on former UFC champion Woodley in a boxing match.

The two have been jarring back-and-forth on social media for some time now, but KSI’s latest jab could be his most demoralising yet.

Woodley, fresh off the back of getting KO’d by Jake Paul, has been angling for another big-money fight – turning his attention to another YouTuber.

Re-tweeting a concept poster, Woodley said: “If KSI would ever be a man. And a man of his word. He in his lane. I said my piece and agreed to the terms. What God has for me is for me! He asked me to fight. not chasing a grown man down. Thats borderline bullying.”

Upon seeing the post, KSI didn’t hold back.

He fired back, saying: “Hmmm, should I: A – Fight a tired Tyron Woodley that hasn’t won a single boxing fight and got knocked out by Jake Paul by standing still?

“B – Fight A pro boxer with a better boxing record than Tommy Fury?”

Given their contrasting sports careers and list of accomplishments, the notion that an MMA great isn’t a suitable opponent for a mere YouTuber is such a kick in the teeth.

But it just goes to show Woodley’s downfall in recent years.

Now 40 years of age, the ex-UFC champ is still trying to make a buck on the combat scene, most recently losing to Jake Paul twice in his only two boxing bouts.

Prior to that, he was let go by the UFC following a four-fight losing streak – his last victory inside the cage coming way back in 2018.

In the comments section of KSI’s savage tweet, fans were being just as ruthless.

While some saw the funny side of things, others actually answered KSI’s question with the majority of people opting for option B.