YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI has snubbed fierce rival Jake Paul as a potential next opponent after his sensational knockout of FaZe Temperrr.

Following his KO of FaZe Temperrr, the 29-year-old British star called out longstanding rival Paul for a super-fight in 2023.

KSI had previously outlined his desire to fight three times before the end of 2023, with the 26-year-old Paul considered one of his top targets.

However, the YouTube star seems to have no desire in fighting Paul next, with KSI confirming that he has “several options” on the table.

KSI’s three-man wishlist includes social media influencer Salt Papi, who knocked out Josh Brueckner on the undercard of KSI vs FaZe Temperrr.

Millionaire businessman-turned-boxer Joe Fournier, who was initially slated to fight at the Misfits Boxing event, is another name featured on KSI’s radar.

KSI knocked out FaZe Temperrr at the Misfits Boxing event before calling Jake Paul out. Credit: AlamySpeaking to Tolbzter on Twitter Spaces, KSI said: “Look, I’ve got several options. I think tomorrow I’m going to have a little call with my team, figure out what we’re going to do.

“There’s plenty of options. We can have a few Misfits events to try and help with our options.

“But obviously a lot of people are saying me versus Salt Papi, and you know that could be an option.

“A lot of people are saying me and obviously [Joe] Fournier, me and Woodley, etc.”

Paul, 26, took to social media and hit back at KSI immediately after his rival called him out at the Misfits Boxing event.

Despite snubbing Paul as a potential next opponent, KSI insisted that he is on a “different level” and that a future fight with his fellow YouTuber is not off the table.


“No-one is set in stone. I said beforehand, there’s levels to this and I’m on a different level.

“I didn’t want to fight another YouTuber in this space, I kind of wanted to fight someone like Dillon [Danis], then me fight Fournier and then Jake.

“I didn’t want to go round just bullying the other YouTuber influencers in this space because I’m trying to help grow them.”