The KSI and Dillon Danis saga seemingly isn’t over just yet.

The pair were set to face each other in the boxing ring earlier this year, however, the American pulled out of the affair with just a few days until the fight.

The MMA fighter hadn’t turned up to the pre-fight press conference leaving many to speculate whether Danis was ready for the bout.

Lo and behold he wasn’t ready, and now it seems like he’s failed to turn up once again.

Only this time he didn’t turn up to his own callout under his own terms.

Earlier today, KSI shared a screenshot of an Instagram message he received from the welterweight who appeared to ask the YouTuber to ‘settle’ things with him.

Credit: KSI/Instagram. Danis tells KSI: “Be careful in my city today kid…”

The Prime CEO replied: “Come try me c**t.”

Danis then seemingly makes an attempt to make a case for the two to meet up in person to settle things by sending the YouTube boxer a street address.

KSI replies: “I’ll see you there bro.

“Make sure to bring your mum too.”

The former Conor McGregor protege also posted the conversation to his Twitter confirming that it was indeed a call-out.

However, while chatting on combat sports journalist Ariel Helwani’s The MMA Hour, the Englishmen revealed that while he made an appearance, Danis once again decided not to show up.

KSI revealed that Danis had given him the location of Helwani’s studio to meet up at, and well, he never showed.

Two backouts from two – not a great record from the 29-year-old.

Fans had a field day with the news.

One fan tweeted: “Dillon Danis is just a joke at this point.”

Another wrote: “Nah, Dildo Danis is the definition of a keyboard warrior.”

A third added: “Dillon was just trolling as usual, he was never gonna show up.”

While KSI’s in-ring schedule is unknown at this point in time, he’ll likely be paying very close attention to the Jake Paul and Tommy Fury fight this weekend.

All roads seem to lead to a clash between the two YouTube sensations, however, a win for Fury could throw things into disarray.