KSI has revealed exactly how much he earns from his TikTok, and it proves content creators on the app have to work pretty hard.

There’s many ways that YouTuber turned boxer KSI makes his money, heck I just named two there, not least his drinks venture with Logan Paul.

Now KSI has followed suit with announcements, explaining how he’s made £3000 from TikTok, despite a large following on the social media site, as you can see in the video below.

Explaining his following on the Sidemen podcast, the 29-year-old asked, “Have you actually taken any of the money out?” before talking about the number of followers he has, adding, “9.2 million followers, 70 million likes, 100 million plus, maybe 200 million views.”

“You guys are kind of low,” he said after asking his co-hosts how much they think he’d made, “£3000.”

“£3000 though, for the amount of views he gets,” one co-host replied.

“That’s mad,” the second answered, “Like imagine you’re solely a TikTok content creator and you’re investing money.”

“They will s**t out TikToks,” the first explains, “You [KSI] have posted like 40, 50, whatever, they’ll post five a day.

“It’s just how they have to do it,” says KSI, “And then eventually they’re slowly moving to YouTube so that when they start making the real money, they’re living.”

KSI drinks his Prime. Image: AlamyWhilst he’s already got a lot on his plate, the YouTube boxer will be keeping a keen eye on proceedings in Saudi Arabia in eight days time, when his business partner’s brother, Jake Paul, takes on Tommy Fury in a boxing fight.

“I will agree to fight KSI at 180 pounds plus his request for a 10-pound rehydration clause. BUT it has to be 100% winner takes all like he requested. ZERO to the loser. ZERO,” Paul said on social media recently.

The Londoner certainly isn’t going to back down on that offer either, replying, ““So you gave into my demands and now want to give me more money too? You got yourself a deal idiot.”