KSI’s boxing opponent Swarmz has said that he will ‘delete instagram’ if he gets knocked out in the first round of their fight.

KSI, who’s real name is JJ Olatunji, began the event by declaring he will fin the contest within the first few minutes.

“With me fighting Swarmz, I felt like it wasn’t enough. I’ll probably get rid of him in one round. I thought it was cute he made a little diss track, it’s the only good thing he’s done in so many years musically.

“You’re gonna swing for me, and realise I’m not there and I’m gonna jab the f*ck out of you.”

Swarmz then responded with confidence, saying that: 

“If you knock me out first round, I will delete Instagram – I’m not Alex Wassabi, I’m not Joe Weller – I’m different.

KSI vs Swarmz backgroud

KSI, who has previously fought YouTubers Joe Weller and Logan Paul, will be fighting both Swarmz and Luis Pineda on the same night.

The ‘Not Over Yet’ artist was set to take on Bulgarian boxer Igor Nikolov, but the fighter was removed in disgrace.

“He’s (Nikolov) a white supremacist,” KSI stated on YouTube. “Yes, I’m still fighting two people. Ivan isn’t my opponent anymore. He has been removed.”

“The matchmaker also got fired for allowing this to happen in the first place. But yes, my new opponent is faceless. Luis Alcaraz Pineda.”

Pineda made his pro debut in 2017 and has since lost his last four fights.

KSI will only fight the Mexican if cleared by Doctors after his bout with Swarmz, who he collaborated with on his 2020 single, ‘Houdini’.

His brother and fellow YouTuber, Deji, will take on Fouseytube in a battle of two fighters who are yet to pick up a victory on the scene.

Other fights include Sam Hyde v IAmThmpsn, Deen the Great v EvilHero, Salt Papi v Andy Warski, King Kenny v Faze Sensei and Faze Temperrr v Slim Albaher.