YouTube star KSI brutally knocked out FaZe Temperrr in clinical fashion in the FIRST round of their main-event Misfits Boxing fight on Saturday night.

The pair came out swinging in their hotly anticipated clash at Wembley Arena in London, with KSI entering the fight as the favourite.

KSI, 29, made quick work of FaZe Temperrr with a combination of punches, which easily overwhelmed his opponent.

FaZe Temperrr was sent crashing to the canvas and was unable to climb back to his feet, with KSI chalking up his fifth overall career win inside the squared circle.

“What a KO from KSI,” one fan said.

Someone else added: “Jake’s s******g himself watching [KSI] KO [FaZe Temperrr].”

Another Twitter user posted: “I thought that would be a close fight, NGL — fair play [KSI], what a KO!”

A fourth tweeted: “KSI would have KO’d Danis worse.”

While one fan commented: “Jesus Christ, round one KO. [KSI] said he’d win by knockout and did exactly that.”

Speaking ahead of the FaZe Temperrr fight, KSI revealed his 2023 boxing ambitions included a long-awaited super-fight with YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul.

“I don’t believe Jake is better than me. I’ve said this several times,” he told FanSided.

“Obviously, everyone’s like, ‘Oh, just fight now,’ and I’m like, that’s just not how it works. Like the negotiations just take too long for us to go back and forth.

“In the meantime, I said I wanted to fight three fights this year.

“Temperrr will be one; I’m going to fight another in the summer and then Jake Paul at the end [of the year]. I don’t understand why he thinks I’m ducking him or I don’t want to fight him when I’ve literally told him ‘I want to fight you.’

“That’s the reason why I’ve come back into boxing: to fight Jake Paul. I think he just has a lot of cap, you know, and says a lot of nonsense.


“He just says stuff loudly to please his fans and get his fans excited. But you know, with me, I’m quite clinical with everything I say; there’s truth to it.

“When I get to Jake, he’s gonna understand that I’m not here to play; I’m dangerous now. And I’m going to flatline him, destroy him, and show that he was never on my level.”