Former Liverpool striker John Aldridge has poked fun at Wout Weghorst, posting a picture of himself on social media touching the iconic ‘This Is Anfield’ sign.

He has scored just one goal in 14 appearances, and the number nine has come under a storm of criticism for his performances.

Aldridge mocks Weghorst

Next to take aim at the 30-year-old was Aldridge, who mocked Weghorst on social media.

He tweeted a picture of himself touching the iconic sign accompanied by the caption, “just getting rid of Weghorst’s finger prints folks! They don’t belong here.”

He signed off the post with a winking face and thumbs up emoji coupled with the infamous ‘YNWA’.

In a post uploaded on Instagram, he wrote: “Normally I never react on media topics, but for this one it’s worth it because you amazing United fans are important to me. So I just want to clarify the video that is doing the rounds.

“From the National team I know that Virgil always touches that sign and I went to stop him touching it to try and wind him up before the game.

“As a child I always supported FC Twente, and as a proud player for Manchester United, my dedication to this incredible club can never be questioned.

“Sunday was a terrible day for all of us, we are putting everything into making it right in the next weeks. We will bounce back together and achieve our aims this season.”