John Fury has been told that he’s been caught on camera backing out of his son Tommy’s ‘double or nothing’ bet with Jake Paul, despite wanting the American to honour their handshake.

Ahead of their fight, Paul offered to double his opponents earnings for the fight if he could somehow find a way to defeat the YouTuber, during the pre fight press conference.

He unsurprisingly did get the victory, in a very poor impersonation of a boxing fight, but missed out on doubling his money after not signing a contract.

The 58-year-old even signed up to Twitter seemingly just to ask for the money, saying, “Jake Paul, moment of truth, again I say it. You lost the fight, we had a deal in front of millions of people worldwide, I expect you to honour that deal.”

However, that seems unlikely to happen now, with the American’s manager claiming that he has Tommy’s dad on camera refusing to sign a contract.

“Dear John – congratulations on the win. I’ve grown to highly respect you off camera,” Nakisa Bidarian posted on his Instagram.

“However, this statement is shocking given what you said to me at his Highnesses house on Friday evening and the ‘

correspondence from your / Tommy’s lawyer.

“Moreover our team has you on camera refusing to agree on the deal the night of the fight.”

John Fury’s never had an issue getting involved in his sons’ fights. Image: AlamyKnown as ‘Gypsy John,’ the former boxer had used his background as a reason that he didn’t sign the contract, in his Twitter post.

“Don’t come back to us with contracts and all that bullc***. I’m a gypsy, I can’t read and write properly and I don’t understand that,” Fury added.

It does seem like it’s not an argument that would hold up in court and Tommy might have to find a different way to make up that £4 million.

He could potentially do that with a rematch, which Paul says he deserves, although we don’t deserve to have to pay for, and Bidarian once again hinted at the fight happening again.

“With all that said – fair play to Tommy on a gear performance,” Paul’s agent said.

“You have raised a great young man. Hopefully he has the courage to do it again. Best, Nakisa.”

It feels like redoing this whole circus is somewhat inevitable, oh joy…