Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville have been at each others throats once again, following Antonio Conte’s decision to brutally criticise his players on Saturday.

The love-hate relationship between the Sky Sports duo has brought some unforgetable moments over the years, with the former Premier League rivals enjoying a joke at one anothers expense.

The dialogue began when Neville tweeted his opinion on the Antonio Conte situation, after the Italian manager brutally criticised his players following their 3-3 draw with Southampton on Saturday afternoon.

Neville weighed in by saying: “Many saying Conte should go this morning. I’d keep him right where he is and make him do his job.”

Carragher quickly reminded Neville – a co-owner of League Two side Salford City – of his decision to sack former manager Richie Wellens following similar comments back in 2021.

The former Liverpool defender replied: “Why didn’t you do that with Richie Welllens after he criticised Salford & the players in public!!”

Neville justified his actions by stating: “Errr Conte and spurs can finish top 4. We couldn’t!”

Carragher hit back by correcting Neville, and reminding the former Manchester United man that his side had won a cup final just a week earlier: “Yes you could, and he had won a cup final the week before.”

Neville responds: “Conte is in 4th place we were in free fall 6 points off play offs in 9th with largest budget in league. I do know I was watching.”

Carragher continued on the wind-up by likening Neville to former Manchester United executive vice-chairman, Ed Woodward: “And you used to criticise Ed Woodward.”

Neville defended himself by saying: “I did! Ran salford for 8 seasons! 4 promotions and one Wembley win! Not a bad record.”

Carragher continues to goad his co-presenter: So why have you been asked to step down this season.”

Neville responds: Three seasons only one trophy. We have standards. 10 years without a league United!”

Carragher had his final say by adding: “Battering Man Utd to win an argument with me about Salford & Ed Woodward” to which Neville simply responded “You don’t make sense.”

That is where the latest episode of Carragher vs Neville draws to a close, but knowing the history of the two, don’t be surprised to see them back at it again in the not too distant future.