Jamie Carragher chewed up and spat out Spanish journalist Guillem Balague over the ‘unevenness’ in the finances between the Premier League and La Liga.

The reason that teams outside of England wanted there to be a European Super League was because they have slipped behind the Premier League when it comes to finances.

The evidence is certainly there to see when it comes to the transfer window, with England’s top tier regularly outspending the rest of the continent.

The financial disparity between the Premier League and the rest is partially to do with rich investors but also because of the huge rights deals they have been able to negotiate, as a collective.

On Thursday night, during CBS coverage of the Europa League, Balague tried to argue that the Premier League should share the wealth with other leagues to make things more competitive.

Former Liverpool star Carragher wasn’t having it though, pointing out that for many years Real had the money to cherry pick the best of the best, without a second thought for financial evenness.

The English pundit perfectly pointed out the hypocrisy that Real and Barca never shared their wealth and simply used it to make themselves better.

He also reminded everyone that there is no collective bargaining in La Liga, so those clubs get to help themselves to most of the tv money, asking why the Premier League should then also help them out.

Balague attempted to suggest that the collective bargaining should be spread out across leagues not just within them, which seems like a ridiculous idea.

“Carragher is spot on,” one fan said, “Just because the money is drying up in La Liga and the brand is failing it’s the Premier Leagues duty to share money across Europe but when they were buying Ronaldo, Luis Figo and Zinedine Zidane what did they do for the rest of europe? Hypocrisy”

Another added, “Real don’t even want equality. If they did, La Liga TV money would be more evenly split and they wouldn’t have sought a bigger share of Super League money than any other club. (Which they did and isn’t commented on much).”

A third replied, “Totally agree with Carragher here, no one whinged when Madrid and Barca signed everyone and were loaded, they ruined their own leagues and are now crying that the Prem is King.”

A fourth posted, “The first tweet I agreed with Carragher. Definitely. Real and Barca destroyed the competitiveness of their league because of greed, stole good players from PL. Now they demand parity, that never existed.”

“Watched this for the 2nd time and I’m still impressed at how Carragher owned him,” said another, summing up the thoughts of many.

You can see the whole eight minute discussion here, with Thierry Henry explaining that the Premier League worked to be at the place it’s at.

The differences between the best sides is still minimal when they get on the pitch however, with Manchester United and Barcelona proving that on Thursday night.