After dispatching Anderson Silva, Jake Paul has his next opponent squarely in his sights – his own brother Logan.

We know the Paul brothers would do a lot to make big money, and apparently fighting each other is on the agenda.

Jake Paul took his boxing record to 6-0 with a unanimous decision victory over the UFC legend after an entertaining eight rounds.

Credit: ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy The bout showed that Paul certainly had the ability and skill to continue in the boxing game.

The only question is – who’s next on Jake’s hit list?

Well, Jake revealed to TMZ Sports that he would be open to fighting his own brother in Logan once he was through with Anderson Silva.

He said: ‘Heck, I could fight Logan Paul.

“Why not?”

Now that he’s got Silva in the rear-view mirror it could very well be time to set up the huge brother-against-brother match.

The Paul brothers were both pioneers of the YouTube boxing game and a fight between the pair would surely bring even more eyeballs to the sport.

Although, there are a couple of people that wouldn’t be too thrilled with the idea – their parents.

Appearing on the Flagrant podcast, Jake had previously discussed the prospect of going up against Logan in the ring.

However, he said their parents ‘don’t want us to do it’.

He said: “They’re like, ‘Absolutely not. Why would you do that?’”

If it were to happen, they may have some trouble figuring out which sport to go up against each other in.

Credit: WWE.Logan Paul is currently immersed in the WWE world having signed a contract with the wrestling juggernaut.

He is set to face WWE’s undisputed world champion Roman Reigns for the titles at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia this weekend.

Whereas Jake seems intent on facing athletes from various sports in boxing matches.

He holds victories over Anderson, Tyron Woodley, and Ben Askren, and is currently undefeated in professional boxing.

Perhaps they can go one-for-one, facing each other in the WWE ring before rematching for a huge boxing fight.