Jake Paul was lost for words after brother Logan Paul shut down the idea that he should have been awarded a draw against Tommy Fury in their super-fight.

The 26-year-old American star suffered the first professional defeat of his controversial boxing career, despite landing a knockdown on Fury.

Paul, who holds a 6-1 boxing record, had a rematch clause inserted in his contract ahead of the Fury fight, though the YouTube star hasn’t activated it yet.

Speaking on Logan’s Impaulsive podcast, Jake argued that his fight with Fury should have ended as a draw after his fierce rival picked up a split-decision victory.

However, Logan firmly dismissed Jake’s argument and claimed his younger brother would have been “lucky” to secure a draw against the undefeated Fury.

“I think it was a draw, honestly,” Jake told Logan on Impaulsive.

Responding immediately to Jake, Logan said: “I think you would have been lucky to get a draw. I think he beat you.”

Jake continued: “Regardless, yeah, I haven’t watched but I’m… that’s what I’m saying.

“I’m not sitting here and saying that I should have won or whatever. I’m saying, like, it probably could have been a draw.”

Jake went on to add that Fury, who earned a ranking from the WBC after his win, should agree to a rematch after comparing it to his first fight with Tyron Woodley.

“But all I’m saying is that Tommy should want to come back and, like, actually beat me properly kind of like when I beat Tyron Woodley [for the first time] — it was controversial,” he added.

“[…] It was kind of like, ‘Damn, that could have gone either way.’

“And I wanted to come back and prove myself in the saying of the next fight was ‘leave no doubt.’

“And so, I think that’s the beauty of what Tommy should do here is leave no doubt.”

Jake insisted that Fury could secure an even bigger payday from a rematch, with the ‘Problem Child’ claiming it would be “life-changing” for the Manchester-born boxer.

“It’s money. The kid made a decent amount of money for this fight,” he said.

“For the rematch, he would make life-changing, generational wealth, So, he’d be stupid not to do it, honestly.”