Jake Paul has ripped into Conor McGregor in an incredible video urging the Irishman to finally agree on a mega money fight. 

Youtuber turned box Paul has been trying to get former UFC world champion McGregor to fight him in the boxing ring but the Irishman has rarely engaged in the conversation until very recently. 

McGregor branded the Paul brothers as ‘dingbats’ before his fight with Dustin Poirier. More recently, McGregor took to social media to hit back at Paul after the American appeared on The MMA Hour, during the interview Paul said he feels the Irishman needs activity in order to ‘earn’ a fight with him. And that has angered McGregor. 

He replied on Twitter: “Two fights and done 70k buys.” Later calling Paul ‘a flop’ and an ‘nobody’. And now, Paul has responded with an explosive two minute long video. 

Paul said: “Conor, Conor, Conor, you’re more active on Twitter than you are in the octagon – your priorities are mixed up. Put down the bottle, and get back to fighting.” 

“You haven’t won a fight in five f***ing years, and the last time you did was against Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone. He hasn’t won a fight against anyone since fighting you.” 

Paul then addressed McGregor’s ‘nobody’ jibe. 

The American said: “I’m a nobody, you say in this tweet, and I guess you’re right. I’m just a kid from Ohio, I am a nobody, but your sixth fight had literally two people in the crowd, and I’m going to be fighting my sixth fight at Madison Square Garden; the ‘Mecca of boxing’. August 6, I know you’ll be watching, kiddo.” 

Paul then turned towards McGregor’s earnings after the Irishman’s comments about PPV buys. 

He said: “In your eighteenth fight, you made $150,000, in my fifth fight, I made $15m, you want to talk about PPV buys? Nate Robinson; 1.8m. Ben Askren 500,000, Tyron Woodley 1 500,000, Tyron Woodley 2, nobody even wanted to see that fight and we got 200,000 PPV buys.” 

“In the last five years you’ve had zero PPV buys because you don’t f***ing fight. You have a lot to say about me but I’m sharing millions of dollars with underpaid fighters.” 

“You shouldn’t have f***ed with me Conor, this is my game. There’s a new king in town, this is my game, I’m running s*** now, what’s up Conor? Last year when I was winning knockout of the year, you were just getting knocked out.” 

Paul ended the video by offering $200 million if McGregor accepts a fight. 

He added: “Fix your calcium deficiency, stop breaking your bones and let’s get in the ring and make $200m. Conor, no matter how you slice it, we’re just not on the same level.”

“I’m my own boss. Yeah, you made $100m when you fought Floyd, but Dana [White, UFC boss] took half of it. So no matter what you do or what you make, cut that s*** in half.”

“If we go net worth for net worth, I would s*** on you, Conor. Put the bottle down, get off Twitter and get back in the ring and shut the f*** up, or I’m going to put you back on a leash. F*** you, Conor.”