YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul brutally hit back at an interviewer after he was asked what would he do if he lost his upcoming boxing fight against Tommy Fury.

Paul, 26, has become a highly divisive figure in the world of boxing and remains undefeated in his fledgling career.

Paul has also chalked up back-to-back wins over former UFC star Tyron Woodley, ex-MMA fighter Ben Askren and former NBA star Nate Robinson.

The ‘Problem Child’ was previously slated to fight fierce rival Fury on two separate occasions before their super-fight fell through.

During an appearance on HBO’s Game Theory with Bomani Jones (watch it in the video player above), Paul was asked what his plans would be if former Love Island star Fury managed to beat him.

“Um, I don’t plan on losing, you know,” he responded.

“I don’t train to lose, maybe I feel like that’s probably like your mindset. You know a lot of people try to project their mindsets on [me]…”

Jones hit back at Paul by insisting that he was not trying to project a mindset on him, but he challenged him on his interest in the sport if he does manage to lose.


Paul, unsurprisingly, was not happy with the American reporter’s line of questioning and aimed a personal dig at Jones in his savage response.

“They won’t, and I’m gonna be honest, bro,” he said.

“I don’t know who the f**k you are, my PR team says […].”

Responding to Paul, Jones said: “Dude, all I know about you is that people don’t like you.”

One fan said in response to the footage: “Jake is so insecure. LOL. A small question and he thinks he’s getting attacked.”

Another argued: “I [actually] respect Jake Paul’s mentality.”

Someone else commented: “Talk about projecting insecurities.”

“To be honest, I don’t know who he is either, but he has HBO in his name, so probably a talk TV show [host],” one Twitter user wrote.

While a fifth simply posted: “This is amazing.”