Jake Paul has explained how much his sex life changes ahead of a big fight, as he readies himself to finally face Tommy Fury on Sunday.

It has taken quite some time, lots of exchanged insults and two cancelled fights, but Paul and Fury will get into the ring in Saudi Arabia this weekend.

He’s not the only one who sacrifices things, with Paul having previously explained how his sex life with girlfriend Julia Rose changes ahead of fights.

“No sex is the hardest part. Pun intended,” Paul told Daily Mail Australia in 2021, “I’m completely sober and I’m only allowed to have sex once a week!”

Jake Paul (left) and Tommy Fury (right) have their arms raised by Dereck Chisora during a boxing event in 2022 (Credit: Alamy)Whilst Paul is trying to be good with how he uses his energy before fights, Rose is certainly not as focused on making sure he doesn’t involve himself with any unnecessary activities.

According to the 26-year-old, his girlfriend likes to tease him with the possibility of having fun with her, and another, during his spells of abstinence.

“You got to get a girl who lets you do threesomes,” he told the Full Send podcast previously.

“We abstain for two weeks. We do have threesomes but not before the fight. I am not allowed to. It’s very tempting. She will be like teasing me and I am like, ‘f*** you.'”

Some have previously said that those sorts of activities actually help fighters before a bout, due to the rise in testosterone levels.

Paul’s opponent’s brother, Tyson Fury, revealed he warmed up for one of his heavyweight world title fights with Dillian Whyte by masturbating seven times a day, which sounds like too much work.