Jake Paul has dismantled Tommy Fury for failing to make weight ahead of his fight with Paul Bamba.

The 23-year-old is set to face Bamba on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition bout against Deji at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai.

Fury weighed 181lbs on Saturday, six lbs over the light-heavyweight limit. Bamba has since claimed he wants 20 per cent of Fury’s purse if the fight goes ahead due to ‘unfair’ weight variation.

It’s not the first time a fight involving ‘TNT’ has suffered from complications, something YouTuber turned-fighter Paul knows all too well.

He’s seen two potential fights against Fury collapse over the last year. Last December, Fury pulled out of their fight after suffering a rib injury plus a bacterial chest infection.

Paul took to Twitter and claimed: “Tommy Fury…ur getting paid a lot of money to be a professional. But time & time again you show that ur not.

“Missed a fight bc of ‘broken ribs’, missed a fight bc you ‘missed a flight’ & now you miss weight by 7 pounds!

“I feel sorry for Frank & George Warren & the Fury name.”

Fury is currently 8-0. (Image Credit: Alamy)’The Problem Child’ previously played down the chances of scheduling a fight with Fury for a third time. He’s since changed his tune, with Paul set to be ringside for Sunday’s event.

Speaking to Global Titans this week, Fury, the younger brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson, claimed he would “jump out at ringside and slap him [Paul] in the face” after his scheduled contest with Bamba.

He said: “I’m not interested who’s there. There could be a million Jake Paul’s sat ringside, my mindset is laser focused on Paul Bamba and getting him out the way. Then I’ll jump out at ringside and slap him in the face.

Paul defeated UFC legend Anderson Silva last month to move to 6-0. (Image Credit: Alamy)“I’m not interested in all this bullsh*t that people keep saying. I’ve heard it for two years now with Jake Paul this, Jake Paul that.

“If we’re not in the ring, I don’t give a sh*t. Think about my life, every single day of my life, ‘When are you fighting Jake?’ I’m not interested.

“I’ll fight him right now, no problem, because there’s no-one on this stage or anyone in the country who is built like us.”