Jake Paul has made himself a quarter of a million dollars in cash for his latest tattoo, getting a bottle of vodka inked onto his arm.

The YouTuber turned boxer has a big date in his diary coming up, as he readies himself to face long time rival Tommy Fury, in Saudi Arabia in 10 days time.

However, even with that on his mind, it hasn’t stopped Paul earning himself a cool $250,000 just for getting a new tattoo depicting a bottle of Au Vodka.

The 26-year-old did is a part of a challenge from DJ Charlie Sloth, who co-owns the alcohol firm, and the UK DJ handed over the cash to the American, as you can see in the video below.

In the video, the ‘Problem Child’ tells Sloth that he’s going to drink some of his vodka as a celebration when he beats Fury in just over a week’s time.

He does also taste the treats of the drink whilst he has the latest artwork to be added to his body, and you’d think he’ll be given a lifetime’s supply with that not so free advertisement.

Sloth’s co-owner with Au is Charlie Morgan, who is famous for being the ball boy kicked by Eden Hazard, when Chelsea played Swansea City, 10 years ago.

Morgan, the son of Swansea City director Martin, is said to be worth around £40 million, a decade on from the incident, due to the success of his vodka brand.

Last year he said the company’s “focus is really on smashing into the American market,” something that will definitely be helped by having Paul attached to the brand.

Paul faces Fury in just over a week. Image: AlamyPaul and Fury’s rivalry has been extremely personal in the months that have led up to their eventual fight, which has been called off twice before.

Paul’s entire schtick has been how embarrassing it would be Fury to get beaten by someone that isn’t even a boxer, ahead of one of the previous cancelled fights he offered his rival an extra $500,000, if he agreed to change his surname to ‘Fumbles,’ if he lost the fight.