Jake Paul’s beef with the Fury clan continues, this time turning his attention to Tommy’s big brother Tyson.

YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul has now called out the undefeated heavyweight world champion, doing so while wearing a fat suit.

“Ever since I moved up to the heavyweight division, Tyson Fury has been real quiet,” Paul says in a video posted on social media.

“Tyson Fury, where the f**k you at p***y?!”

Meanwhile, the caption read: “In 6 days I fight Anderson Silva but, after that, fat Jake is moving up to the heavyweight division to fight my brotha from anotha mother @Tyson_Fury. The heavyweight division been real quiet since this announcement.”

Granted, Paul is obviously just joking about moving up to heavyweight and locking horns with one of the best to ever do it, but calling him a p***y and donning a fat suit is the sort of move that probably won’t go down well with the ‘Gypsy King’.

That said, both Tyson and Paul appear to be getting along as of late.

Despite the constant back-and-forth with Tyson’s brother Tommy, Paul actually seems to have a bit of respect for Fury and even crowned him as the best boxer in the world in his eyes.

“First and foremost Tyson Fury has been the most dominant heavyweight in the division for so long. He beats every heavyweight by TKO/KO including Usyk,” Paul said earlier this month.

Credit: Alamy”There hasn’t been a heavyweight in the sport that hasn’t fallen off eventually but Tyson Fury is still on top and I expect him to retire on top. However what Usyk has done from cruiserweight to heavyweight has been impressive and his dominance, versatility and boxing ability is second to none.”

Tyson caught wind of these comments and reacted via social media.

Taking to Instagram, he re-shared Paul’s pound-for-pound rankings, saying: “Get up there Jake Paul. This man knows his stuff.”

Fury added in a voice note: “Jakey! Get up there Jake Paul.”

This duo may have a blossoming relationship, but the same can’t be said for Paul and Tommy Fury.

Ever since their fight negotiations have broken down or their bouts were cancelled at the last minute, the duo have been jarring back-and-forth on social media.

But it was Paul who perhaps landed the knockout blow recently.

When it was announced that Tommy was becoming a father, Paul tweeted: “Shocking. Tommy usually pulls out.”