Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have broken a law in Saudi Arabia after betting on their upcoming fight.

In a typically spicy press conference, the pair renegotiated the terms of their fight. Paul laid down the ultimatum and asked Fury to make it a winners-take-all arrangement.

The undefeated YouTuber-turned-boxer said: “I think we make a deal. I will pay you double what I am paying you [if Fury wins]. But if I win I take everything I am paying you.”

There was no direct reply from 8-0 Fury but his dad John was well up for the bet, much to his son’s surprise. He responded, “You’ve got a deal. All or nothing, you’ve got it.”

It wasn’t put in writing but in making a bet for the bout, the two fighters have technically broken strict Saudi laws as gambling is prohibited.

A Middle Eastern law expert has confirmed the breach to the Daily Star but did stress that it is unlikely for any sanction to be made.

“Essentially, yes it is illegal, but what does it matter?” he said.

“In other words, premarital cohabitation is banned in Saudi Arabia, and I think that’s your comparison.

“If you and I made a bet with each other in Saudi Arabia, unless we made it public, or somebody is aware of it who makes it public, then nobody knows.

“To be fair, that is the case in the West too. You can break the law in the West and that would not be known unless somebody credible makes it known.”

Image: AlamyHowever, given their huge status, they are being let off the hook and it seems the same will happen to Paul and Fury.