Indiana sportsbooks Make Huge Leap to $460M in October

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Indiana sportsbooks shattered the state record for betting volume for the second consecutive month by handling more than $460 million in October.

The surge in betting brought on in part by the year’s first full month of football also made Indiana just the fifth state to reach $5 billion in lifetime sports wagers, according to PlayIndiana, which tracks the state’s gaming industry.

“Five full weekends of the NFL and college football, the opening of the NBA season, and baseball’s postseason gave sportsbooks a rare convergence of betting inventory in October. To surpass the previous record by so much shows an increasing base of bettors, too. It’s hard to imagine a better start to the football season than what has happened in the last two months,” Jake Garza, an analyst for, said.

Online and retail sportsbooks drew $461.1 million in October, easily surpassing September’s record handle of $355.4 million by 29.7%, according to official reporting released Friday. October’s handle was also up 99.7% from $230.9 million in October 2020. Bettors increased the pace of betting to $14.9 million per day over the 31 days of October from $11.8 million per day in September and $7.4 million in October 2020.

Despite the surge in betting, gross revenue fell 16.4% to $27.8 million from the record of $33.3 million set in September. Year-over-year, revenue was up 10.9% from $25.1 million in October 2020. October’s win created $27.6 million in taxable revenue, yielding $2.6 million in state taxes.

With five weekends of games, football betting jumped 18.4% to $175.8 million in October from $148.6 million in September. The opening of the NBA season led to significant action, too, jumping to $53.5 million in basketball betting from just $5.2 million in September. Parlay betting also rose to $127.6 million from $92.0 million.

The record month pushed Indiana into some rarified air among legal sports jurisdictions, joining New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Illinois as the only states to generate a handle of more than $450 million in a month, more than $5 billion in lifetime legal sports betting, and more than $400 million in lifetime gross revenue.

Since launching in 2019, Indiana sportsbooks have generated $5.1 billion in wagering, $412.5 million in gross revenue and $78.3 million in tax revenue.

“No state has capitalized on its potential as a sports betting market better than Indiana. As impressive as some of these records have been, it is also important to remember that Indiana as a market still hasn’t fully matured,” said Eric Ramsey, an analyst for the Network, which includes

Online betting drew $411.9 million in wagers, or 89.3% of October’s total handle. DraftKings led online operators in October with a $150.7 million handle, up from $130.4 million handle in September. Last month’s bets created $7.8 million in gross receipts, up from $7.2 million in September. FanDuel was next with $113.3 million in online wagering, up from $77.2 million in September. Those bets produced a state-best $9.2 million in gross receipts.

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