David Ornstein disputed Liverpool owner John W Henry’s claim that Liverpool had never been for sale.

Last November, Ornstein reported in the Athletic that Fenway Sports Group (FSG) had put the Reds up for sale and produced a presentation for prospective buyers.

In response, FSG released a statement admitting they would “consider new shareholders” if “it was in the best interests of Liverpool as a club”.

The subsequent months saw a range of reports linking oil-rich Middle Eastern states, American venture capitalists and European consortiums to a takeover of the Anfield club.

However, the Athletic claimed FSG had received little interest and no firm offers for Liverpool.

And last week, after a three-month saga, FSG chief Henry confirmed to Boston Sports Journal writer Sean McAdam that Liverpool was not for sale.

The American said: “I know there has been a lot of conversation and quotes about LFC (Liverpool Football Club), but I keep to the facts: we merely formalised an ongoing process.

“Will we be in England forever? No. Are we selling LFC? No. Are talking with investors about LFC? Yes. Will something happen there? I believe so, but it won’t be a sale. Have we sold anything in the past 20+ years?”

Ornstein disputes Henry

Ornstein followed up Henry’s comments by confirming FSG would remain at Liverpool, though insisted that the Reds were at one point up for sale.

Speaking on Sky Sports News the journalist claimed: “FSG did put Liverpool up for sale, we never knew how it was going to end and we stated that in reporting at the time, and it seems that there haven’t been the offers that they might have been hoping.

“I’m sure that’s been influenced by Manchester United going on the market, and also results like tonight [against Real Madrid] don’t help their cause.”

Instead of a sale, FSG are now searching for investment into Liverpool to recapitalise the business in anticipation of a potentially costly period.