Tommy Fury has verbally dismantled Jake Paul’s chance of winning their huge grudge match on Sunday evening.

A personal blood feud since 2021, there is a lot riding on the contest for both men. WBC chairman Mauricio Sulaiman has confirmed Paul will enter the cruiserweight rankings should he beat Fury.

Meanwhile, Fury knows there’s a lot of family pride on the line. The half-brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson, he knows picking up the win to continue his unbeaten fight career is vital.

‘TNT’ recently claimed he was taking the trip to the Middle East as a ‘paid holiday’. A damning indictment of how he rates Paul’s boxing skills.

The 23-year-old took it further when he sat down on a recent episode of ‘The Lowdown’ with Unibet. Fury believes that Paul’s huge social media following is why boxing fans are giving him a chance. You can check out his full rant below.

Paul is currently 6-0 and boasts four knockout victories since taking up boxing in 2020. Among his opponents have been UFC alumni Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley, as well as MMA legend Anderson Silva.

Fury says it’ll be a whole different experience when he steps inside the ring with a fellow boxer.

Paul and Fury pictured last month. (Image Credit: Alamy)He vented: “If this man didn’t have 20-odd million followers and wasn’t an internet sensation and somebody said ‘Oh right Tommy you’re fighting Jake Paul’, he’s just a nobody, people wouldn’t even think twice. They’d tell me I’d knock him out in a round.

“Just because he’s Jake Paul, everyone thinks it’s going to be a 50/50 fight. I’ll tell you one thing. Reputation can’t make something a 50/50 fight. You can either fight or you can’t fight. This guy can’t fight.

“He may look good against MMA guys and old men and wrestlers. Like Floyd Mayweather said, somebody who’s been around the game all of his life, as soon as he gets in with somebody who has half an idea of what they’re doing, he’s beat.”