Conor McGregor is no stranger to dodging hats, but the former champ-champ forgot to protect himself at all times during his birthday party in Ibiza and took a fedora to the chest as a result.

McGregor had a big crew of family and friends out in Ibiza, Spain to celebrate his 34th birthday. And while most of the photos and videos from the event show “The Notorious” having a great time, there was one not-so-chill moment floating around Instagram that captured Conor in a less than cheery spirit.

The clip shows someone from the dancefloor tossing a hat at McGregor up in a VIP area. Who knows what the thrower had in mind, but the end effect was the hat bowling into McGregor’s shoulder, narrowly missing his face. An annoyed McGregor responded to the thrower by shooting sarcastic thumbs up their way and then stomping on the hat.

Haters will say that hat never would have hit Conor McGregor circa 2015. He did display some cat-like reflexes back then when Cat Zingano threw her headgear like a ninja star into the crowd.

This isn’t McGregor’s first stomp around. The Irish sports star was arrested in March 2019 for taking a fan’s phone, throwing it on the ground, and stomping it. Over the years, McGregor has gained a reputation for having an explosive temper. Most recently he was accused of punching up an Italian TV presenter and DJ ‘out of nowhere,’ and of course there’s camera footage from a month earlier of Conor attempting to attack Machine Gun Kelly.

Fortunately for the hat throwers, McGregor didn’t deign to leave his VIP area and the flattened hat was the only thing destroyed. Check out some (official) pictures of “The Notorious” and his family enjoying his birthday party in Ibiza below:

Conor McGregor is almost done rehabbing a badly broken leg, and is looking to return to action in the UFC sometime later in 2022. Just last week he returned to Straight Blast Gym in Dublin for a grapple with his coach, the first such roll about since the lead-up to his third fight with Dustin Poirier in July 2021.