After defeating Anderson Silva via unanimous decision in an entertaining fight (watch the highlights here), Jake Paul is looking to take on another legend in MMA: the soon-to-be free agent Nate Diaz.

Diaz’s fight contract with the UFC ended in mid-October, and now the 37-year-old Stockton superstar is waiting for an exclusive negotiation period with the promotion to end in December. It’s unclear what Nate intends to do next. But if he wants an eight figure payday and an opportunity to knock off the increasingly formidable YouTuber turned boxer, Jake Paul would be happy to fight him.

“I want Nate Diaz, who’s a b—ch,” Paul said in the ring following his big win. “He tried to come into my locker room, he tried to cause some shit, and then he always leaves the fuckin’ arena. So Nate Diaz, stop being a bitch and fight me. And Canelo, you, too. You, too, Canelo! You guys said ‘Oh, you can’t beat a striker, you can’t beat a legend like Anderson Silva! I just did it, so why can’t I beat Canelo? F—k y’all.”

Asked who he’d prefer next, Paul launched into a chant: “Any one, any time, any place!”

At the Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva post-fight press conference, Jake expanded on the question of who’d be next.

“I think this fight did two things,” he said. “It’ll make much higher level people want to fight me, and it’ll make the ones who are already scared like we saw earlier this year, they’re not going to want to fight me. So we’ll see. I’m sure there’s a lot of names I haven’t even gone on Twitter to look at everything and all the call outs but I’m sure there’s going to be a lot, and it’s back to the drawing board and we’ll see who it is.”

“But Nate Diaz was here acting like a b—ch,” Paul continued. “Everyone wants that fight, he tried to fight people in the hallway. Nate, stop fighting people for free. Let’s do it in the ring, okay? I know you’re a little slow, buddy. We can make that fight happen.”

“And you too, Canelo,” he added. “You’re getting old. You looked weird against Triple G [Gennady Golovkin]. I still want that fight as well. And I think now like I said it 18 months ago, ‘I want Canelo’ and I was sitting in a room like this. And everyone was ‘heh heh heh f—king idiot’ and then now 18 months later here we are now. And when I say that maybe people are taking it a little more seriously now. And I still mean it and I still want that fight.”

Asked who ends up making the decision as to who he’ll will fight next, Paul said it was a team effort but it came down to his choice.

“Who makes sense at the right time, and who actually wants to do it, and who will actually show up and be a professional and make weight,” Paul said. “But it is who I want. Even people on my team, my coaches and stuff, were like ‘Are you sure you want Anderson? Are you sure?’ And I was like ‘Yes, I can do this.’”

What do you think, Maniacs? Is Nate Diaz the one to finally take out Jake Paul after he just beat another former UFC champion?