If you’re keen to watch two YouTubers punching each other, here’s how to watch the McBroom vs Gib fight in the UK.

Austin McBroom and AnEnsonGib were meant to fight back in July, but the match was cancelled after medics failed to give Gib the all-clear following a head injury.

The rescheduled fight between the social media stars was postponed to this Saturday September 10th, and here’s how you can watch it.

Both YouTubers turned boxers, McBroom and AnEnsonGib should draw in a good crowd for the SocialGloves match, but you’ll need to stay up late to watch it.

Dubbed “No More Talk!”, you can access it via PPV with FITE TV here in the UK.

It’ll set you back $29.99 (£26) but there are several other fights on the undercard to enjoy first too.

Austin McBroom vs AnEsonGibSwaggy P vs BluefaceLeveon Bell vs Adrian PetersonLandon McBroom vs Adam SalehCory Wharton vs Chase DemoorMany fans are particularly looking forward to LA rapper Blueface facing off against former Los Angeles Laker Nick Young.

The PPV price also includes unlimited replays, just in case you doze off and miss any of the action.

According to a poll on the FITE TV website, fans are currently favouring Gib to come out on top.

Whoever wins will fight KSI, after he issued a challenge to the victor to face him in January.

At the time of the original cancellation, Gib shared a Twitter video, explaining his disappointment: “I’ve done my training camp, I’ve worked hard, I’m fight ready.

“I’m primed to fight this individual, but unfortunately I’ve been told that I have to do more medicals for this to be sanctioned as a pro fight out in LA.”