Fantasy Premier League is back and ready for a new campaign, with many a manager ready to deploy his side for the opening day this evening.

Arsenal take on Crystal Palace in the opening fixture of the Premier League season, with the final deadline to make any changes hitting at 7pm tonight.

A whopping 76.5% of managers have selected new forward Gabriel Jesus in their sides, so will be keeping a close on the Brazilian for any contribution in this gameweek.

Last season there were over nine million players on the FPL app with many entering leagues, cups and drafts with their friends and family.

So how can you get the best use of your squad this season? Substitutions may be the best way in which you can earn yourself some extra points.

From the official Premier League website, this how the substitutions work in the Fantasy Premier League game.

“Managers in Fantasy Premier League must choose a starting XI from their 15-man squad before each Gameweek deadline, which is 90 minutes before the opening match of the Gameweek.

“Any formation can be chosen as long as the line-up includes one goalkeeper, at least three defenders, at least two midfielders and at least one forward.

“Based on the priorities you assign, automatic substitutions are processed at the end of the Gameweek as follows:

“If your ‘keeper doesn’t play in the Gameweek, he will be substituted by your replacement goalkeeper if he played in the Gameweek.

“If any outfield player doesn’t play, he will be substituted by the highest-priority outfield substitute who played in the Gameweek and doesn’t break the formation rules. (For example, if your starting XI has three defenders, a defender can only be replaced by another defender.)”

So even if you forget to take a player out, you may be helped out by the system if you have a strong enough substitutes bench. It may help those more casual in the FPL community.