Hasbulla raises the chicken, Khabib Nurmagomedov kills the chicken, Dagestani supermarket sells the chicken. That is what is known as the circle of poultry, recently completed by the pint-sized social media star.

“This is my chicken named Conor McGregor,” Hasbulla said on Twitter. “There’s my beauty.”

Save the heart for those hungry fellas in Brazil.

Any “Notorious” fans who get bent over these types of jokes should remember that McGregor is to blame, because the former champion talked a lot of shit about Nurmagomedov and his father and crossed a few lines in the process.

The rivalry could continue if Islam Makhachev is able to capture the lightweight title at UFC 280 this October in Abu Dhabi. McGregor is still king of the box office and it wouldn’t take much (if anything at all) to green-light a “Notorious” title shot.

But that won’t happen unless Makhachev prevails and McGregor recovers from his broken leg. There are plenty of other hurdles to clear as well but in this crazy business, money talks and poultry walks (even with its head cut off).