Gamestream Grows Partnerships with Video Game Publishers

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Gamestream, the global leader in B2B cloud gaming solutions, announces a global partnership agreement with seven new publishers – Daedalic Entertainment, HandyGames, Tate Multimedia, tinyBuid, Unfinished Pixel and Vector Unit – a move that sees gamers benefit from Gamestream’s unlimited access to an extensive catalogue of games, available on all platforms and operating systems.

With the new partnerships, Gamestream now has a total of 55 publisher partners and a catalogue of over 300 console-based games, each hand-picked by its editorial board.

The new partnerships build on Gamestream’s commitment of selecting popular and quality games and continuation of offering prime gaming experiences to users in Full HD and 4K. The seven new publishers now join Gamestream’s extensive catalogue of video games from the world’s leading publishers – including Disney Interactive, Deep Silver and Codemaster.

This rising interest of video game publishers for industry players such as Gamestream is not a coincidence. As a new media and distribution channel, Cloud Gaming allows publishers to reach an even wider audience with a compelling gaming experience and engaging community services.

Gamestream’s Cloud Gaming solution offers a number of benefits to publishers:

New growth possibilities via a large number of accessible platforms (SmartTV, Setup box, smartphone, etc.).
Build fan communities through dedicated Cloud Gaming channels.
Dynamic launch experiences by creating game launch events via a Cloud Gaming demo brick redirecting to in-store purchases.
Adapting PC games to Cloud Gaming thanks to Gamestream’s unique expertise in masking and shimming.

As Cloud Gaming becomes more strategic, more game launches from major studios are being orchestrated simultaneously across all distribution channels, providing a more engaging experience for fans.

“For video game publishers, the arrival of Cloud Gaming is a crucial step in their development strategy, but also provides extensive growth as the availability and adaptation of their titles become available on all platforms. In the future, the widespread use of virtual controllers will offer optimal playability and will help to abolish hardware and economic constraints,” Ivan Lebeau, founder of Gamestream, said.

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