Frank Mir wants one more fight to end his legendary combat career.

The former Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC) Heavyweight champion, 43, can see the end of the road. However, for the last few years, he has been focused on the career of his daughter Bella Mir, who is currently undefeated (3-0) in mixed martial arts (MMA) competition.

Frank snapped his four-fight losing streak in 2019, defeating Roy Nelson via unanimous decision in a rematch at Bellator 231. Once he completed his Bellator contract, he moved to boxing … something he always wanted to try.

Unfortunately for him, he got thrown to the wolves in the boxing world. First, he faced Steve Cunningham in his boxing debut and dropped a unanimous decision. Next, he would face multi-time heavyweight champion, Kulbrat Pulev, at Triad Combat and would get knocked out in the first round (watch highlights).

Now that boxing is checked off his bucket list, the former UFC champion wants one more fight for his retirement fight, but under one pretty cool condition:

He wants his daughter to headline the card.

“I’m trying to heal up a lot of my injuries and stuff and take this seriously. Next year, I’m gonna go and fight again because I actually want to fight once on the same card with Bella as my last fight,” Mir told Brendan Schaub during Fight Night Flashbacks. “She can headline the card — I can open it … How many times is that going to happen in history?”

When asked about the idea of Frank in the co-main and Bella in the main event, he said “No” because he also wants to corner his daughter.

With Bella currently focusing on her college wrestling career, no timetable is set other than sometime in 2023.

There have only been a few examples of a parent fighting alongside their child, with A.J. McKee and Antonio McKee immediately coming to mind. However, a daughter and dad fighting on the same card is a rare occurrence.

Let’s get it.