Former Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll has been slammed for not respecting the culture in Qatar after uploading a raunchy video.

Knoll attended the Croatia vs. Morocco match, making headlines for her Croatian-flag inspired dress.

She continued to grab the headlines after she branded the 2022 World Cup the ‘worst organisation in history’ in a scathing assessment of the tournament in Qatar.

“This is a disaster!” She wrote on social media. “I feel sorry for all the people who can’t go to the World Cup because of the worst organisation in history.

“My entourage didn’t get a Hayya card even after 20 days, even though they have all the tickets to the final.

“t’s clear why so many people didn’t even want to participate in this circus!”

Knoll has now angered fans on social media after she shared a video of herself in a skimpy outfit in Qatar.

Needless to say, it didn’t go down well on social media as fans slammed her for being ‘disrespectful’.

One Instagram user wrote: “Shame on you respect others culture.”

A second wrote: “You are in Qatar not in Croatia , you have to respect the rules , it is a Muslim country.”

A third added: “It is not a good thing to wear this dress in a respectable country that has its own customs and traditions and in a region that is not suitable for dress, and your dress is very ugly.”

Ivana Knoll at the Croatia vs. Morocco game. Image: Instagram A fourth said: “If you did not know that it is forbidden to wear these clothes in an Arab country, and you must respect our customs, traditions and religion.”

Another commented: “Disrespectful to the Qatari culture.”

Croatia, meanwhile, opened their World Cup campaign with a goalless draw against Morocco.

They resume their Qatar venture on Sunday against Canada before facing Belgium next Thursday.