Floyd Mayweather was seen dancing and doing the ring card girl’s job in between rounds during his exhibition fight with Deji.

The former professional boxer has a record of 50-0 and is up against British YouTuber Deji in what is a much-anticipated exhibition bout.

As it is an exhibition, Mayweather was in full entertainer mode as he showed his dance moves in between rounds, and was seen doing some rather creative moves during the rounds too.

Mayweather was seen spinning around, with his hands down in the fourth round.

Some fans branded the fight as ‘a joke’ on social media.

One said: “Literally Embarrassing.”

Another commented: “This fight between Mayweather and Deji is a joke, they cannot be serious!”

A third added: “Floyd is trying to showboat after his embarrassment vs Logan. Such a sad guy who has 50-0 record.”

Another person tweeted: “lowkey feel bad for deji he tryna take this srs and mayweather treating him like a joke.”

Someone else added: “Floyd Mayweather at this moment is just playing with Deji. This is a joke I swear. It’s like a supercar racing with a commercial taxi on the first gear.”

Mayweather stopped Deji in the fifth round after a commanding display.